“I have had the privilege of working with Marie Miller as a facilitator, instructor & event coordinator. She is a kind, loving, compassionate, adventurous soul with the miraculous ability to manifest extraordinary people into her classes and events. Working with Marie has been one of the most life-changing experiences in my life. Everything she touches becomes magical!”

-Stacey Byerly

“I had the privilege of being one of her students for a ThetaHealing course. I loved how she held the class, how she taught us, how she broke down the subjects, the breaks, the food at break time haha everything was great! Above that I was so impressed how naturally she incorporates everything that she teaches into her daily life. You can tell that she not only talks about but she definitely is always in tune with her intuition and the Creator! She has been a psychic since early age and since then she just has developed more and more. I would recommend her to anyone needing a reading, or a healing. She is really gifted and knows how to allow energy to flow through her and give you the best you need!”

– Jaqueline, San Diego CA

“Marie has been my psychic energy healer off and on for about 2 years now. I find her consistently insightful and intuitive to whatever I am going through, finding the deeper layers and roots of struggle. I always leave my sessions with her pointed on the right path and feeling lighter. I enjoy her more measured and almost scientific approach. None of the hippy dippy BS that turns me off of other psychics. With her warm and real life approach I would highly recommend her.”

– Kelsey, Oakland CA

“Marie is an awesome practitioner and teacher! I’ve learned so much from her and I really enjoyed Basic DNA. The other students were also amazing to learn alongside with-the whole weekend was just a blast! Marie is very patient with her students’ needs and questions during class (and after), which I very much appreciate! I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be a student of ThetaHealing and learn through Marie. I hope to take many more classes with her in the future!”

– Courtney, Humboldt CA

“First, I would like to say that Marie is absolutely AMAZING!!! As a fellow healer, I have rarely found someone who is as well rounded, understanding, naturally intuitive, psychically connected and as powerful as she is! I met Marie when I participated in my first Psychic Fair in San Francisco, CA (I have never even heard of Runes or Theta Healing until then), and I found myself drawn to her energy. My first session with Marie was life changing and I was amazed at her ability to dig deep on a soul level to find the root of my current blockages as well as finding purpose in my journey. I think it is very important to trust and resonate with the person you are learning from and/or opening your energy up to in order to truly open yourself up to healing… and I will say that I Marie really makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. She is very honest and is exceptional at utilizing her gifts in the highest good! From my own experience, Marie has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I am more than happy to have been able to work with her. I have personally witnessed her travel the world and expand on her own gifts as well as learn other healing modalities (which is a big deal to me when looking at practitioners and their willingness to expand and grow on their craft). If you are looking to transform your life, learn a new craft (whether it’s the art of reading Cards or Runes, or to dive into the depths of Theta Healing), enhance your own abilities, clear through blockages in your life (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), connect with the Earth, help work with your ancestors, and/or even just trying to understand your soul’s purpose; I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with Marie. I have had the pleasure to work with her as her client as well as in partnership. She will definitely help you get your life together! She’s just that LIT!”

– Teaira

“Marie Miller’s insight and intuition came at a critical time in my relationship. We were at a breaking point and she helped us tune in the most aligned frequencies for our souls so that we could choose what was most aligned on our individual paths. Amazingly our relationship shifted and is now healthy and flourishing. Marie is able to hold love, compassion and also the exact words to help the soul stay on its unique path. She has laser sharp psychic ability but also the consciousness to allow genuine soul growth. Thank you Marie!”

– Suzanne, San Francisco CA

“This class was a truly transformational experience for me. I feel so empowered with all the new skills, understandings and downloads that I received. Marie instils a sense of faith that allows you to tap into your own abilities in a way you didn’t think was possible, while making you feel safe and supported. She has a strong connection to her own abilities and understands the subtleties of energy in a way that compliments the Theta healing teachings by referencing experiences from her own life. I’m really happy I took this class with Marie as my teacher as she made the experience of learning and healing and sharing so much more enjoyable.”

– Gemma, Portland

“I just had my second session with Marie nearly a year later. It was so incredible. She helped me identify questions that have been a huge mystery to me this entire year. I was feeling really bogged down and depressed and was trying to pinpoint where it was coming from since there were so many incidents and happenings in my life through the year. The feeling was persistent and carried through the whole year. Marie was able to tell me exactly where the deep sadness was coming from. She was able to see so many things I didn’t tell her about and I felt comfortable and safe the whole time. She gave me a clearing that I felt from over the phone. It was literally the same energy I felt from when I was with her in person last year. I feel so much lighter and like I can really tackle my life. THANK YOU MARIE. I will continue to send all my friends that need guidance and healing to you!”

– Oak,. LA

“Marie is an absolute Healing and Manifestation Star, if you feel you have a huge potential and some strange hidden blocks prevent you from taking the next step, Marie is the one for you. She will support you greatly to hold a sacred space for yourself to feel, believe and see what is possible for you to realize now. Also she will ensure that whatever hidden blockage might still be there will be released. Marie takes a loving empathic wise humorous approach for her co-creations. Marie thanks a million for everything you facilitated for me, eternally thankful, yours”

– Jennifer, Hamburg, Germany

“Hi Marie, I want to just say thank you for your wisdom and knowledge and allowing me to heal through accessing parts of my soul and heart I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. It felt like you could see into my soul immediately and it’s very powerful what you do. Everyone should have a session on Thetahealing to clear Codes of information that are not theirs to carry. Things from past lives and past trauma. You allowed me to clear what isn’t mine to carry so I can move forward without the weight of the past dragging me down. Thank you for your services!”

– Torné, Cape Town, South Africa

“Marie’s ThetaHealing workshop was absolutely life changing. I have practiced different modalities but the states of consciousness obtainable through theta are typically only available through decades of monk like meditation practices. Since taking the 3 day basic DNA class I have this in my life now:- Crystal clarity on my life’s purpose – zero resistance to my dreams, desires and manifestations. – instant access to my divine guidance – a proven method of belief change (way faster and effective then NLP)- clarity on my spirit animals, minerals and their shadows- a groups of amazing friends to practice with- ability to scan someone’s greatest qualities and what’s holding them back from their desires – Access to Akashic records – ability to manifest anything – ability to help friends, family clients and raising the frequency of the planet So yeah it was a really good investment “

– Miro, Kansas City

“Marie has been my teacher for four Thetahealing courses. She is an amazing teacher and healer. She has an incredible energy and demeanor of peace and gentleness which is ideal in a scenario where you are opening yourself in the most vulnerable ways to be seen and healed. She is utterly non-judgmental and kind. You will instantly feel that you can trust Marie both in terms of the information she is delivering, and what is motivating her on this planet. She is a true psychic and healer, and is very skilled and knowledgeable. I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her and continue to be her student.”

– Madeline Silva, LA