Pet Healing

I know when my cat Isa came to be mine that she was sent to teach me how to accept unconditional love. 

We learn a ton from our pets, but they also are here to heal us, and we in turn take care of them. 

When I work with pets it is such a delight to connect to them and see the world through their eyes. Especially to see how much love they have for us. 

Sometimes the pets tell us what needs to be worked on in the human, so if your furbaby has a serious issue, there may be belief work or healing needed for you too. 

I also have worked with lots of rescues! They often have been through trauma and need some help adjusting. 

For behavioral issues, cats do require a bit more time than dogs. 

I know the pets don’t always want to sit on a zoom, so a picture emailed or texted ahead of time is great for connecting to the animal. 

Follow the link below to find a time to heal your precious pet. Usually a half hour per pet is good.

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