The Master’s Path start soon

Hello beautiful humans! 

During my break I noticed that many other healers besides myself have been going through a similar shift in energy. It has been a time to rest, slow down, and reimagine what our businesses look like. It has manifested all illness for many of us. 

If you feel you are still in this energy,  I invite you to look at what the universe is asking you to change. There are a lot of big shifts coming up next year and as healers and teachers we are being called to up our game to support an amazing group of leaders who will change the world. (Or perhaps you will be the one creating the change) 

Either way, what is needed is thoughtful and deep work on these issues: boundaries, trust, communication. 

In order to serve a larger audience you must have clear and defined boundaries: around your time, your value, your physical space, your body, and your abundance. This doesn’t mean you don’t share, or give things away- only that you do so intentionally and thoughtfully. 

Often before we hit a big break and all the good things come in (be it love or abundance) there is a lull. Like when the wave recedes before a bigger one comes in. You must have faith and trust in these times. 

Lastely, you need to learn how to tell the world what is in your heart. To do this you must work through your anger, learn how to fully accept yourself and others, and speak from a place of unconditional love. 

So have faith fellow healers and leaders, the universe is just pushing us to open up fully to our magic, to be all that we were meant to be. Sickness isn’t always a reflection of negative beliefs- for some it is how we learn, grow, and get ourselves back on the magical path we came here to walk. 


So here is what I have discovered about what my path is going forward.  

I miss the rhythm of having seasons, of spending months in one energy before moving into the next energy. 

So I am only teaching half the year, spending the rest of the year doing sessions and pursuing my art. This will give me the time and bandwidth to create those online classes we keep taking about, to write a book or three, and to create different experiences.  

Along with the seasons, I also recognized that so many people are now ready to go through the ThetaHealing classes at a much quicker pace than before. So I created what I call The Master’s Path. It is a 6 month program with all the online ThetaHealing practitioner classes along with extra support and weekly practice sessions. It wraps up a couple  weeks before Vianna starts her classes in Montana for 2023, so you can seamlessly move into getting your Master’s or Certificate of Science if that is your greater path. 

Ever since I formed and put out to the universe this new schedule, these new boundaries, and this shift in my perception of this work- the universe has been giving me daily signs that this is the right path for me. 

What is the right path for you? 

It has been a combination of belief work, self knowledge,  and listening to the messages from creator that got me where I am now, in a place of joy and abundance. 

Are you ready to know yourself well enough to understand what you came here to do? 

Please join me on this journey if it feels aligned. I can show you The Master’s Path, but you have to choose to walk and to follow it to the end.

If you want know more, please join me on Tuesday evenings in October. 8pm Eastern/ 5pm Pacific. The first hour we do mediations and clearing, then you can choose to stay afterwards to talk about the Master’s Path. Follow this link to register:

Or for details and dates, check out this blog post

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