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ThetaHealing Intro Worskshop

This two hour interactive class lets you experience a little bit of what ThetaHealing is all about. We will talk about the history of the modality, what it really is, and do a few meditations. Then we will go over how to Manifest from a ThetaHealing perspective and do a manifesting exercise. This event is open to anyone who is curious and want to find out more. Here is the Facebook Event page

ThetaHealing Basic DNA class.

Oceanside CA, May 29-31

Columbus Ohio, TBD

This is the first class to set you on a wonderful path of learning. Over three days you will learn how to achieve and work in a Theta state and how to run a ThetaHealing session with your clients. Upon completion you will be a Certified Theta Healer and can be listed on the official website. For more info:

Snacks, and tea are provided and we will take an hour lunch each day. There are plenty of restaurants nearby. All course material provided.

Class cost $550, deposit $150, re-certify $300

To register for Oceanside in May –click here

Or email me at

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Schedule a 15 phone consult to answer questions about the class

Advanced DNA ThetaHealing

Oceanside CA, June 13-15

Columbus, OH TBD

Los Angeles, CA TBD

This class reviews, refines, and amps up all your skill from the Basic DNA class and goes a bit deeper into the craft. It can be taken directly after the first class. You will be given a lot of amazing downloads during the class! All materials for the class are provided. Again this is a 3 day class.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA

Class Cost: $550 deposit $150

To register for Oceanside in June- click here

Dig Deeper

Oceanside CA

This class is all about learning how to go as deep as possible into the unconscious and really find the deepest roots of your beliefs. Mastering this skill makes all future Thetahealing classes go smoothly and helps your clients get more out of each session. It completes the trio of classes needed to go on to the electives and Intuitive Anatomy (so far my favorite course! I’ll be getting my certification for that one next year.)

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

Class Cost: $550 deposit $150

To register, email me at

Manifesting and Abundance – reach out to me to schedule this class in your area

San Diego-

Columbus Ohio- TBD

This two day course explores then Ancestral and past life blockages to our abundance. Over two days we will fully explore how we stop ourselves from creating what we really want in this life.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Class cost: $550 deposit $150

Intuitive Anatomy

Los Angeles – Beverly Hills – May 11 – 22

This is the class that made me want to get into ThetaHealing.

15 days of talking to every part of the body and finding out what makes it work on an emotional level. With the help of your classmate you will leave feeling like a new person! And with a greater understanding of the human body.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Class Cost: $2300 deposit: $400

Rainbow Children- teenagers

Solana Beach, CA mid July

This is an entry-level class for young adults and teenagers to explore their psychic gifts and abilities. We will explore 16 different lessons over the week including some basics of how to change beliefs. Age 12-18 $400

We do offer a class for ages 7 to 11 also, and a separate one for adults. Message me to arrange one in your area.

Costs vary depending on location. 🙂

Practice meet ups

San Diego –

LA –

Open to anyone who has taken a few ThetaHealing classes! We do various exercises and answer all your questions that have come up since your last class. 🙂 $25