ThetaHealing ® Classes

Registration Opens a few months before each class to give you time to plan. Registration for each class closes one week before the start date of the class.

Online Classes:

Basic DNA

Nov 7-9  Online, January 2-4

This is the first class to set you on a wonderful path of learning. Over three days you will learn how to achieve and work in a Theta state and how to run a ThetaHealing session with your clients. Upon completion you will be a Certified Theta Healer and can be listed on the official website. For more info:

Pre-requisites: None

Class Cost: $555

Advanced DNA

Online Nov 14-16 2023, January 2-4 2024

This class reviews, refines, and amps up all your skill from the Basic DNA class and goes a bit deeper into the craft. It can be taken directly after the first class. You will be given a lot of amazing downloads during the class! All materials for the class are provided. Again this is a 3 day class.

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA

Class Cost: $555

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Dig Deeper

Online,   Nov 27 & 28, Jan 30 & 31

This class is all about learning how to go as deep as possible into the unconscious and really find the deepest roots of your beliefs. Mastering this skill makes all future Thetahealing classes go smoothly and helps your clients get more out of each session. It completes the trio of classes needed to go on to the electives and Intuitive Anatomy (so far my favorite course! I’ll be teaching IA again in the new year.)

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

Class Cost: $555, deposit $155

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You + the Creator

November 29 & 30, February 27 & 28

This seminar explores your relationship with the Creator and helps you to understand the undercurrents of your subconscious. You will learn how your body actually works at solving problems on your behalf. By the end you will also have a better understanding of the difference between listening to the Creator, your ego, and your higher self.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Class Cost: Online $550, deposit $150

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Soul Mates

January 13 & 14 online

Are  you ready to call in your soul mate?

Or just looking to fall back in love with the partner you already have?

This two day course clears up genetic and ancestral beliefs around love and helps you call in your most compatible soul mate. Dig Deeper required.

Prerequisite: Basic, Advanced &  Dig Deeper

Class Cost: $555, deposit $155

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You + Your Significant Other

January 20 -21

These two days will clear away any ancestral blocks that prevent one from being truly and deeply loved. We will look at our ancestors’ fears and expectations in and around relationships.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Class Cost: Online $555, deposit $155

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Manifesting and Abundance

Online Feb 20 & 21

This two day course explores the Ancestral and past life blockages to our abundance. Over two days we will fully explore how we stop ourselves from creating what we really want in this life.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Class Cost: $555, deposit $155

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You + You Inner Circle

Online Jan 7 & 8

The people closest to you have the biggest impact on your life. Are your closest friends helping you evolve, or are you constantly caretaking them?
This class will help you understand what level of development you and your friends are at and how to deepen your best relationships.
You will also learn about why your inner circle shifts like it does and how to call in the best people to support you on your journey.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Class Cost: Online $555, deposit $155

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Intuitive Anatomy

Online, March 3 -22

This is the class that made me want to get into ThetaHealing.

15 days of talking to every part of the body and finding out what makes it work on an emotional level. With the help of your classmate you will leave feeling like a new person! And with a greater understanding of the human body.  This one is taught only in person, looking at dates in early Jan.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You + Creator

Class Cost: $2450

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World Relations

Online February 4 – 8

Such a great class for the times we are in! Five full days of talking to our ancestors and helping release them from the old prejudices and biases that helped them navigate their time. Dig Deeper Required

Prerequisite: Dig Deeper

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Class Cost: $999, deposit $199

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Disease and Disorder

 Online  April 2024

We go Deeper into the energy of the different issues that happen to us physically and the emotional components. Most importantly- you will learn how to be fearless when it comes to working with these things so you can witness healings on a wider range of issues.

Prerequisite: Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You + Creator, Intuitive Anatomy

Total cost: $1800, Deposit $400

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Planes of Existence

In-person in, Spring 2024 in Ohio

This class goes deeper into the philosophy of Thetahealing. Over the course of 5 days you will gain a deeper understanding of the planes through exercises that will immerse you in each plane

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy

Class Cost: $1400, deposit $400

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Online May 2024

Made for advanced students of ThetaHealing, this class helps you really clear out deep resentments and beliefs so you can be in a 7th plane knowingness on a daily basis. The exercises are designed to shift your definition of impossible and learn how to shift the world around you.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy  OR Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You + Creator, You + Your Inner Circle, You + Your Significant Partner, & World Relations

Class Cost: $1400

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Rhythm to a Perfect Bodyweight

Online, TBD, message me to request a date

Fall in love with your inner beauty and learn how to accept your body and help it become a representation of that inner beauty. This is a one day course followed by three weeks of group support to help you develop healthy habits. Dig Deeper Required.

Prerequisite: Dig Deeper

Class Cost: $200


Online TBD

A magical one day class to tune you into your relationship with the second plane.


One day class to learn how to heal and connect with our fur babies and feathered friends.

ThetaHealing free intro

On pause for the season, feel free to set up a discovery call

Now being done through Zoom.

This interactive class lets you experience a little bit of what ThetaHealing is all about. We will talk about the history of the modality, what it really is, and do a few meditations. This fall we are focusing on how this modality can help you transform your business. These are all free, and you are welcome to come to as many as you like as the topics will vary week to week. 

Not a requirement to take this before Basic DNA, but it is a great way to see if I am the right teacher for you and to get a little taste of what the class will be like.

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Practitioner Meetups

Weekly October – Dec Stay tuned!

Monthly Through Zoom

Open to anyone who has taken a few ThetaHealing classes! We do various exercises and answer all your questions that have come up since your last class. Message me to get the link! 

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“I had the privilege of being one of her students for a ThetaHealing course. I loved how she held the class, how she taught us, how she broke down the subjects, the breaks, the food at break time haha everything was great! Above that I was so impressed how naturally she incorporates everything that she teaches into her daily life. You can tell that she not only talks about but she definitely is always in tune with her intuition and the Creator! She has been a psychic since early age and since then she just has developed more and more. I would recommend her to anyone needing a reading, or a healing. She is really gifted and knows how to allow energy to flow through her and give you the best you need!””

– Jaqueline, San Diego

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I absolutely love teaching online – BUT it is time to travel a bit and bring the magic of in person ThetaHealing classes!

I have had a couple of requests and opening up the energy to see what else is possible. 🥰🤩✨

What class would you like to see in your city?

Just gather 5 friends and we can make it happen.

We can also look at doing 2 classes in on trip, preferable for 2 day classes.

Classes available in person:

Basic DNA

Advanced DNA

Dig Deeper

You + Creator

You + Your Inner Circle

You + Your Significant Other

World Relations

Soul Mates

Intuitive Anatomy (10 person minimum to travel)

Disease and Disorder


Planes of Existence (looking at Ohio dates in Spring 2024)

If you are ready to host me in your city- message me and lets get the conversation going.