Half Hour Rune, Psychic Readings, or Shortened ThetaHealing Session


Perfect for people who just need a little bit of information or guidance, or as a follow up to a longer ThetaHealing session.

Hour long Thetahealing sessions


Perfect for really getting deep into your subconscious to find and resolve negative emotions and thought patterns. Each 1 hour session helps you release subconscious beliefs and gain a better understanding of your own mind. We will explore through a series of questions different themes from childhood and genetic beliefs passed down from your ancestors

Energetic Dialysis


Must be done in person, and can be added to any session. Using crystals, petrified wood, runes, and sacred geometry, this will release a lot of your undercurrent emotions and bring in new positive energy.

In home clearing and resetting

$350+ travel costs

We start by clearing the land and structure of any unwanted energy, and then reprogram the entire home to support you and your family in the highest and best way.


If you know you want to work with me on an ongoing basis, there are a few sizes to choose from. Five, seven, or eleven one-hour ThetaHealing sessions. They never expire and a package can be shared with members of your family. 

5 for $999

7 for $1404

11 for $2222

ThetaHealing Classes

$550 – 2600

Each certification class gives you real practice to apply each lesson so that you feel ready to go work on your clients or family, or to just use the method to heal yourself! Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a professional healer, these classes can help you learn how to recreate your reality and become the best version of you. 

Online: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Soul Mates, World Relations, Manifesting and Abundance, Rhythm to a Perfect BodyWeight, You + Creator, You + Inner Circle, You + Significant Other, Intuitive Anatomy, Disease and Disorder, DNA 3 

In person only classes: Planes of Existence

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