About the Healer

Due to the COVID19 pandemic I am offering free daily guided meditations through Zoom. Open to anyone who needs it. Everyday at noon PST. Message me to get the link. ❤️. At 8am PST I am doing a Facebook live video in my private group 30 days of Theta. This is tailored for people who have studied ThetaHealing as we move pretty quickly through the meditation but again open to anyone. 🙂 Just find the group “Thirty days of Theta” on FB and I’ll let you in.

Also- I know many of you are now out of work. If you have lost your job because of COVID19 and still would like a private session, use the one time codes HOPE (45% off) or HELP (75% off) These codes are good until the end of April.  Zoom and WhatsApp sessions available.

To address the collective grieving that we are going through I have set up a new type of appointment: Grief Release and Soul Healing. It is different from my usual Thetahealing sessions but still uses the technique. 🙂 Special Pricing $45 for the half hour sessions. Use this link to schedule. 

We are what we believe.

We are also the sum of our parents’ and ancestors’ beliefs.

Our bodies are talking to us constantly, highlighting which beliefs we need to work on next.

If you are ready to change the things that are no longer working for you, then you have come to the right place!

Marie Miller is the founder of the San Diego Psychic Fair and owner of House of Kellen. Her passion for helping people discover their own inner divinity has led her on an adventure of fearless shadow work and ongoing training.

A rune and tarot reader, psychic medium, and A certified ThetaHealing Master instructor, Marie is a compassionate and knowledgeable guide who loves to help people transform their lives on all levels. Marie has helped hundreds of people see their own inner divinity and move beyond their subconscious blocks. She trained under a Nordic Shaman for two years and studied with the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge for three years, and has been deepening her knowledge of runes, tarot, and healing over the last 20 years.

Her desire for you to discover your magic and be the best you has led her to offer ThetaHealing classes on a regular schedule and create workable packages for one on one ongoing transformation sessions.

It is her joy to help you see who you really are and re-write your story. Book your session now.

She is a certified a Certified ThetaHealing® Technique Practitioner and teaches the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, and Manifesting and Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy, Rainbow Children, and will be adding more classes over the next two years.

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When not healing, she does a bunch of types of art. She is former lighting designer and production manager for theatre, and had her own theatre company for a while. She still paints and writes.

Areas of life that Marie can help you with:

Setting Boundaries, PTSD, Breakups, Letting go of old relationships, Trauma release, understanding and expressing emotions, which direction to choose next, finding your voice, ancestral healing, clearing the path for a souls mate, aura cleanses, clearing away the beliefs and emotions that you people physically ill, helping adopted pets adjust to a new family… just to name a few.

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