About the Healer

Marie Miller  is a psychic medium who has been in touch with her ancestors for a long as she can remember. She has 20+ years experience doing readings of various kinds.

She fell in love with reading tarot and runes during her studies to become a Germanic Shaman. After suffering for two years from daily migraines she found relief through a combination of nutrition guidance and ThetaHealing.

She is a certified a Certified ThetaHealer® and teaches the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, and Manifesting and Abundance courses several times a year, and will be adding more classes throughout the next two years.

When not healing, she does a bunch of types of art. She is former lighting designer and production manager for theatre, and had her own theatre company for a while. She still paints and writes.

Areas of life that Marie can help you with:

Setting Boundaries, PTSD, Breakups, Letting go of old relationships, Trauma release, understanding and expressing emotions, which direction to choose next, finding your voice, ancestral healing, clearing the path for a souls mate, aura cleanses, clearing away the beliefs and emotions that you people physically ill, helping adopted pets adjust to a new family… just to name a few.


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