About the Healer

Marie Miller  is a natural psychic medium who has been in touch with her ancestors for a long as she can remember. She has 20+ years experience doing readings of various kinds.

In college she spent two years as apprentice to a Nordic Shaman, where is learned a lot of basics about energy healing and the chakras. This was also when she fell in love with rune readings and started reading tarot. But decided to go another way because she knew instinctively there had to be a way to heal that was better for her energy. It took a while to find ThetaHealing, but in the meantime- she become a lighting designer for theatre, and spent a lot of time making amazing art with good friends and eventually realizing one dream of having her own theatre company. After a good run of producing and directing she turned her eyes back her her original goal of helping people heal. So she closed down the theatre company and focused her roots. She chose ThataHealing because after suffering from daily migraines for 2 years she found relief through a combination of nutrition guidance and ThetaHealing.

She is a certified a Certified ThetaHealer® and teaches the Basic DNA ThetaHealing course several times a year, and will be adding more classes throughout the next two years.



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