About the Healer

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The name House of Kellen comes from a house in a village in Luxembourg that my great- great-grandparents lived. The intuitive abilities of my family originated in the calm beautiful farming community, though most kept quiet about it until now.

As a healer I find trapped and buried emotions to weed them out and help to untangle and make sense of interpersonal relationships. My practice focuses on finding the earliest occurrence of each belief or emotional that is not working in order to heal it at the source.

My work with relationships mostly focuses on clearing out the energy cords that connect us all and rebuilding trust. Coming from a family of gifted women I have developed a variety of ways to work with all types of people.

I am a certified a Certified ThetaHealer® with deep intuitive background. I have completed the Basic DNA seminar in the ThetaHealing® technique.

I was a Nordic shaman’s apprentice, am a natural medium, read tarot and runes, and have developed new ways of reading the energy of how people relate to each other. Sometimes I paint a bit too. ­čÖé

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