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Episodes with bonuses:

Episodes 1 & 4 Me, and Me + Boo

Episode 2 – Eva Reida

Meet the amazing Eva Reida- a pleasure coach who also leads adventure retreats where you connect with ancient energies to connect deeper to yourself and your pleasure. We also touch a bit on sex magic and why Cleopatra is so amazing. 

To see all the services she offers go to her website

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To collect her freebee- 3 favorite pleasure practices click here

If you are ready to travel the Nile in style, get private access to temples, and explore the magic of Alexandria, join her for an all inclusive journey this October. 

Join her October 2023 retreat here: https://evareida.com/egypt-retreat

Be sure to use code MARIE500 to save $500 on the retreat. 

Episode 5 Amber St Germain

Amber has triumphed through a lot and takes us on and adventure of healing through pleasure. Amber is a tantra pratintioner, sex coach, and a Christian Mystic

You can learn more about her work here. 

She has lot of amazing resources on her website. 

Episode 6 Jonah Mullins

Jonah (he/ him) sit down to chat with me about his origin story, how being nuerodivergent can affect ones relationship and how to navigate different minds. 

The thing that really ties his work together is his ability to see and hold space for his cleints truth, whether in a coaching session or behind the camera as a photographer. 

You can check out his professional services here. 

Take a look at how he sees the world through his camera here.