Law of Justice

Sometimes even good people get into complicated legal situations. 

But as with anything- we create our reality. 

Which means we can also un-make it. 

But the time the law is involved there are a lot of beliefs that are ready to be shifted. 

This can be an amazing opportunity to change a lot of things in your belief system. Because so much went into creating this situation- it takes some work to untangle all of it. This specialized type of ThetaHealing requires no less than 12 sessions to make sure we get all of it. 

I work with the Law of Truth, Law of Justice, and the Law of Karma to help my clients recreate their reality in the highest and best way. 

There is a way to change things- but you have to do the belief work. 

What intuitive legal help looks like: 

Meet to determine if working together is right for us. 

In session: future reading to see what the judge or jury will decide, belief work to change the future. 

Your beliefs created the world where you find yourself in court – so changing them can keep you out of the courts. (or help you hold someone accountable) 

I will work directly with the laws on your behalf to shift things in your favor. 

Levels of Help: 

Urgent Cases: if your court date is 3 months in the future or sooner. Weekly 1 hour sessions, plus a couple flex sessions as needed. 

Long Term Cases: Weekly session for the first 3 months, then Bi-monthly check ins until court date. 

*********  Disclaimer *********

I do not dispense any legal advice! 

No really, I am a psychic and a healer- not your lawyer. 

This is only a supplement to all the amazing advice your lawyer is there to give you. 

I do not need to know all the details of the case- only what your energy is projecting. 

Yes, I will happily sign an NDA for you. This is always confidential and I am happy to put that in writing for you. 

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