The Flow of Healing & Importance of Ancestral work

When we first come to a healing modality it is often to heal our own pain- either physical, spiritual, emotional, or a mix of all or some. With the knowledge of course that healing the emotions and spirit heals the body and that some physical healings have the ability to shift our thoughts  A large part of the healing journey is spent just healing the trauma and pain from this lifetime, and depending on what you have been through up to this point it can feel to some that it goes on forever. It can feel really intense at first when you start to go into and release a lifeitmes’ worth of resentment, anger, grief, pain, and trauma. 

A few things for you to know: It does not need to go on forever. It is possible to be fully healed in this lifetime. Depending on how fast you work and how much you have to clear- some people spend the first couple years really uncovering and releasing all sorts of things in one on one session. Doing the work as a student accelerates the pace as we walk you through specific topics to clear things in groups and you learn how to do the work on yourself. 

Though I do need to mention: we have free will and some people are not ready to heal on a subconscious level. This is not a logical belief to most and when brought up in sessions there can be resistance to this concept. People say “But I DO want to be healed, that is why I am working with you.” True – on the conscious level people seek out lots of help to “get better” but if there is an underlying belief that “I am only nurtured or cared for when I am sick”  or “I only get to rest when I am sick” or any other of a thousand secondary benefits, the person’s subconscious will keep the body from fully healing to keep getting the love, nurturing, or boundaries it thinks one can only receive through the sickness. 

Next: In the process of healing, you may look at one moment in time or one unbalanced relationship more than once to fully clear it. I call these the gifts that keep on giving. For me I had 2 big ones: An accident as a child and a sibling. With the accident – everytime we looked into it we cleared more of the trauma and found new lesions. Each time I looked at that  moment it got easier and easier to see what happened and deeper lessons were learned. So be patient with yourself if you keep going back – heal as much as you can each time and ask yourself “What new things can I see now that I didn’t see before in this moment”.  

Now, there are many many things that can and will be cleared instantly. A lot of what we clear in session just needs to be brought to light and it can be gone forever. So please know that while you may have that one big thorn in your side, you can still heal a lot of the pain around it. Sometimes we just have to heal other parts to get the understanding and perspective to heal the big issue. 

Deeper understanding comes with time. I have had clients be desperate to understand why things happen. If you are new and just tapping in- the why may not make sense or it will feel like victim blaming. The truth is we co-created this reality, but in saying that some people only hear – “you choose to have all this bad stuff happen to you” and that is not what we mean when we talk about co-creation of our lives. The bad stuff happens for many reasons- none of them are your soul choosing to be in pain. As adults we can call in painful experiences because of beliefs that were created in childhood or inherited. I grew up with the belief that “Love means accepting abuse” because of my relationship with the sibling, so guess what kind of partners I drew as an adult. As soon as I cleared that I was able to have healthy relationships.  We also draw in experiences that will teach us valuable life lessons. If our higher self wants to be more patient- it will call in people who exhaust you to teach you patience in a very visceral way.  Most of us are in the vibration that we “Have to learn the hard way” or “The hardest learned lessons are the most valuable”   Clearing these helps us move forward learning things the easy way. 

When we mention co-creation, the next question is always about the children being born into bad situations. No they did not choose to be treated that way- but they are working through all of the beliefs of their parents and ancestors. Some childhood diseases are a co-creation of parent and child to teach them both (often mostly the parent) valuable lessons. 

 We come into this life with all sorts of beliefs inherited from our parents and our ancestors. These beliefs can sometimes be more powerful than the beliefs that we create in this lifetime. Now it is not that our ancestors are giving us all these messed up beliefs- they are trying to help us grow. Here is how it works: We come here to learn different virtues that we can use to open up our abilities and advance as souls. The way we were conditioned to learn these virtues is through different human experiences that oftentimes are unpleasant. Though they don’t to be – we are just used to learning that way! So our ancestors worked really hard to learn these virtues and pass them down. Unfortunately since we are conditional learners, we also inherit  the negative belief that helped them learn the virtue. So you could inherit being Hardworking, Integrity, and Resilience. But your great- great – grandfather learned it through feeling alone, stress, and rejection. So when you want to tap into those virtues your higher self creates scenarios where you feel alone, stressed out, and rejected. 

So while we can clear our lifetime’s worth of lessons- and connect to them because we experienced them, the deepest healings happen when we have healed enough of yourselves to  move on to healing the ancestors. Everytime we go and talk to great- great- great- grandma (or as far back as you can go each time) and release from them and from yourself and negative program and collect the virtues- the effect is exponential. When you go back 10 generations and work with one ancestor, clear their energy and heal your connection to it- the same healing is offered up to all who after that ancestor in their lineage. Now we all have free will, so not everyone is going to accept this, but it is usually 70% or greater who do.

The first thing you will see when you start to work with your ancestors- is pretty big shifts in you. Oftentimes that one final belief that helps you heal is connected to an amazing virtue you inherited. That is why the World Relations class can be for some the most healing class I teach. Students who are drawn to this class have already cleared so much from themselves and are ready to really heal the lineage. I’ve heard it over and over again how the final key was in that class. 

This is not to say that one should only work with the ancestors, we still need to address what we went through and heal it. I have seen students try this in early classes where they skip over their own lives and only heal on ancestral level. It creates a lot of clearing, but doesn’t heal the biggest wounds. As with all things there needs to be a balance. 

If you are new to ThetaHealing and want to see if this is for you, set up a free discovery call to just chat or a one on one paid session to experience it: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=18154232

If you are ready to jump in the next beginner ThetaHealing class is Jan 28-30. Here is the link to register. https://www.thetahealing.com/seminar-details.html?id=263084

If you have already taken Basic, Advanced, and Dig Deeper and are ready to start doing more ancestral work check out these two classes: 

Manifesting and Abundance Jan 17 & 18 


World Relations Jan 23 – 27 


Solstice is a great time to clear a lot of beliefs!

 I love teaching The Dig Deeper class and teaching people how to dig (and be dug on)  because it can be so profound. One of the things I always tell my students  and clients is to not worry about remembering the bottom belief after a session descended. Instead we focus on the new energy that is being brought in. Oftentimes when I receive sessions I forget the bottom belief as soon as we come out of the session, unless it’s really really funny.

For those new to ThetaHealing- digging is the process of going into the subconscious to find out what one believed as a child, or what the ancestors believed that is currently causing an issue. Often we resist facing these because some beliefs are developed as a reaction to trauma, but mostly because the loudest ones are teaching us the biggest lessons. It takes practice, patience, and the clearing of trauma to get good at finding these amazing lessons. 

I recently had a really really funny, on the nose pseudo ironic session. We were working through some annoyance I had at an ex coach who had a fairly creative interpretation of the truth.  For example: This person presented to me and others that we would be featured speakers  at a particular event. So I went around telling people that I was going to speak at this event, but because that was what I was told by this person I trusted. As we got closer to the event I was wondering why we weren’t working on my topic or other logistics. Then the next layer came out, that it would just be 10 minutes, so I reset my expectations since I was already committed to going to the event.The truth of that was that everyone had the same chance of speaking for 3 minutes after dinner. Not quite a featured speaker role compared to the other times I’ve been a featured speaker at events. Grabbing the microphone anytime one offered a different energy than being invited. And there were several others but I’m not gonna list all of them here. 

And really the former coach is just another in a long line of sporadically working with, or dating men who had that same creative interpretation of truth. They haven’t all been dishonest – but it is a significant pattern. I married a compulsive liar. He would make up stories about the most ridiculous things. I didn’t understand his need to obfuscate and it was hard for me to keep track of his lies.  He also lied about some very very important things and that is why we are no longer together.

This is not to say that every man I’ve dated or worked with is a liar. I seem to draw in quite a lot of them and they aren’t just random people who are liars. It’s always the ones who also have some specialized skill. Perfect example: the guys I hired to build my website mislead me about what they could do for me.

So I’m working with this friend and we finally get down to the root of it. And of course it goes back to my dad ( no surprise there-  we often find the bottom belief when we bring up memories of Mother, Father, or God).  So as a very young child as early as the age of 5 I knew that my dad was full of shit. He would say things like “The sky is green and the grass is blue and they just reflect off each other.” Anytime you asked him any question about himself or anything personal he would deflect. He would tell stories about putting cats on pizza when he owned the garage. We never really knew who he was or what he believed because he would always joke or be ridiculous.   Even when he was getting close to leaving this realm he couldn’t even be honest with us about his condition.

 But what he was amazing at was teaching us all about woodworking, history, home repair, pouring cement, etc… He was so innovative and great when it came to that. I knew I could go to him and ask him “How do I do this thing?”  And in those moments he would actually tell me the truth. But literally everything else that came out of his mouth I couldn’t trust.  So as a little girl I decided. “Men lie and they can only be trusted to give instruction in their area of expertise and everything else that they said was false.”   In believing this and taking this on is a fact,  of course I’m gonna call into my life a series of guys both in relationships and professional life who may be good at their job but who also have a unique relationship to the truth.  (I also had the opposite belief that men can tell the truth and some can be trusted- but dual beliefs are a topic for another day) 

So of course we cleared this, after I had a good laugh about how my ex couch was so much like may dad in so many ways, and even after doing a ton of work we can still learn more, clear more, continue to keep growing. 

One of the big takeaways from this was acknowledging how much it helped me really develop a great relationship with the law of truth. And how much it helped me solidify my concept of integrity. There were so many amazing virtues that we found in the session, and when it comes down to it – that is where the healing really happens. First we heal by recognizing the pattern. Then we see the lessons. Once we embody the Virtues learned – then we can truly let go and shift the pattern for good. 


Here is a bonus session from today! 

 So I’ve also cleared a lot of things around feeling supported. I’ve attacked it from several different angles because I realized from the way that I ran my theater company that I wasn’t allowing enough people to help me.  With the things I’m currently going through; having health problems last spring and then looking towards expanding my family and my business. I recognize I’ve just been generally feeling overwhelmed the last few years. I have done some clearing on the overwhelmed and its roots so today we looked at the “why” of it. Any time a feeling comes back after we worked on it- I love to go deeper with exploring the why. All the work we did before on overwhelm was perfect and needed to be cleared, so this is just the next step. 

 The root of this overwhelm was feeling that I was unsupported in my life. Now this is a false perception because I do have the most amazing partner who will do anything I ask of him within reason. But I was carrying a story of being resentful of having to ask and instead expecting him to be super psychic and just take care of it. And so that is how my beautiful Virgo brain justifies my negative belief sometimes.

 But the truth is in my life I don’t know how to allow support or to really feel what it feels like. But below that is “I can not trust support”. That comes from the dynamic of my sisters and I.   There were 3 of us and the way we related to each other was traumatic enough that I never wanted to have 3 children because I never wanted anyone else to go through the dynamic that I lived through.

 It is an understatement to say that we often didn’t  get along. It was always two against one. From day-to-day it would shift which two were picking on which one, the only constant being that my older sis was always on the bullying side (I am the middle one).  So even though you had the support and love of your sister on one day. The very next day it could turn around and all of a sudden you are the one who’s on the outside . And it was a day by day back-and-forth of “I am loved” or “I am bullied.” (This also was part of me accepting as a child that “Love = accepting abuse”)   And even when there was love or support or kindness there was this underlying “how long is it going to last? How long before she turns on me again and I am the sister who was left out.”  Which left me with the belief that “It is unsafe to accept support” and that “Support is temporary and comes with strings”  

That was so magical to clear today!! I could feel my body shift and see my future change right before my eyes as it opened up so many possibilities. 

And with that I do want to address a question I get a lot, or a statement “But I already worked on it!!” Yes, I have done work on being supported, enough to get a little bit here and there. And yes I worked on the overwhelm directly. It was all great work. But we are wonderfully complicated beings- and we work on these things in layers. I have been able to receive support from friends, clients, associates – so it is not like I feel totally unsupported all the time. Very rarely do we find that the bottom belief is something we feel all the time. We just need to have felt it for a moment for it to lodge itself in our subconscious. It is also important to know that we learn things in levels. In my previous sessions we cleared and upgraded my ability to be supported to one point. Then I went about life enjoying that new level. Then something comes up and we have the opportunity to upgrade it again. There are so many levels of support out there. Just like there are many levels of whatever big concept you are working through right now.  So keep looking at it from different angles, with fresh eyes, and know that it is okay to work on it again. Each time you come back to a moment or to a concept ask yourself “What did I not see or explore last time?”  Keep doing down all the different paths until you lift your subconscious up to the highest and best version of your current big concept.

***I feel fine sharing these things about myself, but hold sacred anything said to me by clients and students.

The Master’s Path details

Welcome to the Master’s Path

6 Months | 350+ Hours of Transformational Learning | Online

The Master’s Path Promises
You will be centered as your best self, free from doubt and disbelief, ready to give and
receive love.

Illuminate your own internal biases and negative self-talk through authenticity and

Release you and your ancestors’ trauma.

Live each day in joy as you consciously create your life and business.

You will serve a diverse audience, in a business that will attract the most-aligned people.

You will be connected to a magical community committed to growth.

You will have the ability to share the unique things you came here to create.

Transform your life without missing family dinners. A nurturing way to learn. 

Energetic success with your soul-aligned business. Ridiculous money.

A community of amazing spiritual entrepreneurs & artists as committed as you are to
personal and professional transformation so you can have accountability and support
from soul family who already get what you are going through and can see everything
that you are capable of. 

The Master’s Path at a Glance:
 A 6-month commitment from Nov 28, 2022 – April 28, 2023.

 350+ hours interactive classroom instruction and all included materials.  Online so you
can experience it from home, balance your work and family time. 

 12 official ThetaHealing® Certifications, so you can work as a healer, or just have some
awesome bragging rights and a wall of certificates!

 21 Practice sessions, so you can sharpen your skills and feel confident in working with
different types of brains, allowing you to provide guaranteed results.

 Weekly Office Hours with Professor Marie so that you can ask the silly questions and
get one on one support. This way, you never get stuck and keep moving forward no
matter what.

 Monthly Group Coaching, so you can apply, integrate, and deepen the work we do in

 12 Private Sessions, so you can keep the magic rolling after you graduate from the
program and create lasting change in your life and business.

If this sounds great to you- schedule a call to talk about how your life can transform.

The Details
Classes run 11am-6pm ET, all happening on Zoom.
Classes included: 
Basic DNA  3 days                 Nov 28-30
Advanced DNA 3 days         Dec 8-10
Dig Deeper  2 days                 Dec 13-14
You + the Creator 2 days        Jan 9-10
You + Your Inner Circle 2 days    Jan 12-13
Manifesting and Abundance  2 days  Jan 17-18
World Relations 5 days                      Jan 23-27
Soul Mates 2 days                            Feb TDB

You + Your Significant Other 2 days   Feb TBD
Intuitive Anatomy 15 days      March 6-24
Disease and Disorder 10 days     April 10-21
DNA 3  5 days                               May 15-19

Note: You must attend all days of each class to be certified. The first 4 listed are
prerequisites and must be completed to move on to the other classes as they skills build
on each other. 

Practice Sessions happen weekly and are HIGHLY encouraged but not required. They
will be taught by a variety of fellow skilled teachers so you can get a rounded
perspective on Thetahealing.  See calendar below for exact dates.

Office Hours will be Monday evenings 8-9pm ET. This is an open time to drop in and ask
questions. See calendar below for exact dates.

Monthly Group Coaching is a chance to learn how to apply the lessons from classes into
your daily life and work and also workshop new ideas as they evolve. They run the last
Saturday of the month for from 1-4 ET on Dec 31, Jan 28, Feb 25*, April 29, May 20

Private sessions begin after Graduation, so your support continues for up to a year with
12 one-on-one sessions with Marie. You will be given a code to schedule these private
ThetaHealing® sessions. These codes will expire on May 31 th , 2024.

The Value
ThetaHealing® certification classes & materials   $11,000
Practice Sessions                               $1,050
Private Sessions  (12)                       $2,625
Office Hours                                       $3,675
Monthly Group Coaching                   $1,750
Total value of program : $20,100
Package price: $17,771

Schedule a call to see if this is the right path for you

The Master’s Path start soon

Hello beautiful humans! 

During my break I noticed that many other healers besides myself have been going through a similar shift in energy. It has been a time to rest, slow down, and reimagine what our businesses look like. It has manifested all illness for many of us. 

If you feel you are still in this energy,  I invite you to look at what the universe is asking you to change. There are a lot of big shifts coming up next year and as healers and teachers we are being called to up our game to support an amazing group of leaders who will change the world. (Or perhaps you will be the one creating the change) 

Either way, what is needed is thoughtful and deep work on these issues: boundaries, trust, communication. 

In order to serve a larger audience you must have clear and defined boundaries: around your time, your value, your physical space, your body, and your abundance. This doesn’t mean you don’t share, or give things away- only that you do so intentionally and thoughtfully. 

Often before we hit a big break and all the good things come in (be it love or abundance) there is a lull. Like when the wave recedes before a bigger one comes in. You must have faith and trust in these times. 

Lastely, you need to learn how to tell the world what is in your heart. To do this you must work through your anger, learn how to fully accept yourself and others, and speak from a place of unconditional love. 

So have faith fellow healers and leaders, the universe is just pushing us to open up fully to our magic, to be all that we were meant to be. Sickness isn’t always a reflection of negative beliefs- for some it is how we learn, grow, and get ourselves back on the magical path we came here to walk. 


So here is what I have discovered about what my path is going forward.  

I miss the rhythm of having seasons, of spending months in one energy before moving into the next energy. 

So I am only teaching half the year, spending the rest of the year doing sessions and pursuing my art. This will give me the time and bandwidth to create those online classes we keep taking about, to write a book or three, and to create different experiences.  

Along with the seasons, I also recognized that so many people are now ready to go through the ThetaHealing classes at a much quicker pace than before. So I created what I call The Master’s Path. It is a 6 month program with all the online ThetaHealing practitioner classes along with extra support and weekly practice sessions. It wraps up a couple  weeks before Vianna starts her classes in Montana for 2023, so you can seamlessly move into getting your Master’s or Certificate of Science if that is your greater path. 

Ever since I formed and put out to the universe this new schedule, these new boundaries, and this shift in my perception of this work- the universe has been giving me daily signs that this is the right path for me. 

What is the right path for you? 

It has been a combination of belief work, self knowledge,  and listening to the messages from creator that got me where I am now, in a place of joy and abundance. 

Are you ready to know yourself well enough to understand what you came here to do? 

Please join me on this journey if it feels aligned. I can show you The Master’s Path, but you have to choose to walk and to follow it to the end.

If you want know more, please join me on Tuesday evenings in October. 8pm Eastern/ 5pm Pacific. The first hour we do mediations and clearing, then you can choose to stay afterwards to talk about the Master’s Path. Follow this link to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZApd-qsqzwjE91GhdrBLqe_SfVMNfT72fDD

Or for details and dates, check out this blog post

Blog, Resurrected

So I am back! 

It has been an interesting journey. About a year ago I decided that I needed help with my website. So I found a company who made House Of Kellen very pretty, But they overpromised on the flexibility of their services. Basically my website was only up to date with my class schedule about twice in the last year, so it wasn’t serving my students at all as they didn’t know when I was teaching what. So I started a whole new website that I could keep up to date. 

Eventually my contract ended with the less than amazing company and I had my site migrated back to wordpress. Unfortunately this wiped out all 150 entries in my old blog!

But what a better way to start fresh.

So I am shifting the tone of this blog to center more around ThetaHealing and other modalities and how they relate. If you only followed me for the runes, there will be a smattering here, but I will be reposting a lot of the old stuff and plenty of new stuff about runes and SciFi over at The-Spiritual-Geek.com  So follow this blog for Theta or head over to the new one for runes.

I am excited to be back! 

It has been an intense few years, and I am just now stepping back into my creative self. As I am sure some of you can relate.