1. Will it work for me?

Probably. Are you willing to look at the past and understand why your life happened the way it did? It’s an amazing modality, but you have to be willing to look back at the beliefs that you held, even for a moment at different parts of your life.

2. Does it heal trauma?

Yes it can. I’ve personally helped many clients release trauma related to relationships and abuse, along with healing my own complex PTSD. It may help to incorporate other modalities along with ThetaHealing to make sure your trauma release is complete.  Such as trauma informed Yoga, sound healing, and others.

3. How is it different from Reiki/ other modalities?

While all modalites heal, our biggest difference is the belief work! We go beyond just what you believe in this lifetime and help clear up several generations worth of negative beliefs, along with past lifetimes, and beliefs absorbed through collective consciousness. The deeper we go into the work, the bigger impact of the collect that can happen. We start by healing ourselves and then expand outward.

4. How does it work? 

We start by going into a Theta brain wave using a short meditation. Once in a theta state- the client has the ability to access more memories than in out normal Beta state, including being able to access our ancestor. As the practitioner, I simply ask questions to help you discover where your negative beliefs come from. Once identified, I will witness a belief change done by the Creator. All changes are done with verbal permission from the client.

5. Does it really work remotely?

Yes, it works great! I have clients all over the globe. If you want a zoom session  or are from outside the US, just let me know.

6. How many sessions will I need?

That’s up to you. Some people get exactly what they need in one session, some people like to work once a week, or once a month as they continue to evolve. The five session package seems popular because it’s a nice number for most people. The best advice is to book a session the first time you think you should, and learn to trust your intuition.

7. What does a session feel like?

Most clients feel extremely relaxed at the very end, with a great sense of relief. As we are talking about your beliefs a variety of emotions may surface. Some clients can feel the energy surging through as we work, hear messages, have abstract visions or see images from the past as they are released. Some are just really relaxed. 

8. Can we talk about anything in a session?

Absolutely. Every session is confidential. This is a judgement free zone where you are allowed to express and examine any side of  you that you choose to shift. We all have a past, and the goal is to release and move past any shame, guilt, and trauma so you can create a new reality full of joy.

9. What if I am too broken to be fixed?

As long as you are willing to look at yourself, and learn to be accountable for your life going forward, no one is beyond help.

10. What if my pain is too great for you? Will you be hurt by working on me?

During a session, I can witness a great amount of pain and darkness and still hold space for you, and what’s going on in your heart. Because  I stay connected to the Creator, I am not taking on all that you are feeling, just acting as a witness as we release it.

11. How do I know if it is working?

By the end of the session, your heart will feel lighter and you may have a greater understanding of your life and how your brian works. The energetic shifts continue for about three days. The most common thing people notice is the lack of negative thoughts, and a new awareness of how their thoughts create reality. Most people have shifts  and healings right away, but some of the biggest changes are about 90 days after we start working together.

Questions about ThetaHealing Classes

1. What happens during a class?

Lots of hands on experience! The first 2 classes are 3 days each, full of chances to practice on your fellow students. The first class teaches you how to achieve a Theta brainwave state, how to change beliefs and how to feel safe as you level up. Every class is full of opportunities to practice and to release a lot of beliefs. 

2. How long does it take to get certified?

You receive a certification after the first class! And continue to be certified in each class that you choose to take afterwards. All certifications are displayed on your thetahealing.com profile.

3. How many classes until I can take clients?

It depends on you! Some people who are adding Theta Healing to the work that they are already doing start the next day, It is highly recommended to take the first three – Basic DNA , Advanced DNA , and Dig Deeper to get the best understanding of the technique. Any classes after those three are to help you specialize or just go a bit deeper into a topic, like Soul Mates, Animals, or Intuitive Anatomy.

4. Can anyone learn it?

Yes! The only prerequisite is a faith in something greater than yourself. In class we talk about Creator, but if there is someone you call on or just the energy of the universe it will work.

5. Is it best to take the classes back to back?

Some students love to take all the classes as fast as they can and soak up the information. I love to spread them out and apply the lessons before moving on. So I set up my schedule to accommodate both types of learners. But taking Basic, Advanced, and Dig Deeper in a 6 month period is advisable.