Cards and Runes for 2023

ThetaCat aka Isa helped with this reading.

The Format of this reading has 2 components. I have found that people on different paths will resonate more with tarot or runes depending on where they are. Both may speak to you or just one. The two paths start to diverge around May.

The year at a glance. First of all, there are a lot of major arcana and swords. The year is going to push us to further our intelligence and intuition both this year. It will be a year of some big shifts too! Buy luckily without the  pressure of cards like The Devil. A lot can be achieved this year by choosing stillness, and by balancing that stillness with the right actions at the right time. 

Have patience with the first 3 months as they repeatedly call for stillness, but you will find your rhythm in April.

The Card for the Year: 9 of Chalices – Finally having enough space in your mind to be able to tackle all of the fun philosophical ideas that really lift your soul. This is a year of gaining a deeper understanding of the workings of the universe and how it relates to your healing journey. There will be moments of rest this year- but without the fear and panic of a shutdown- rather the choosing of letting go all the super busy gotta do all the things energy of previous years and settling into a joyful playful existence. 

Rune for the Year: Jera

Those who have been building up your empires over the last few years are in for a great year. This year is going to be the BIG payoff for many of us. Those who are just beginning a journey will still be able benefit – but we will need to practice patience. Take the time to breathe into what part of the journey you are on- for many this is the time, for some this is still an incubation period. Or for another group- we are in both modes- finally harvesting the gains from all the work we have already put in motions, and setting up the next major project. 

January: The Hermit/ Algiz

The Hermit: Laughing as I pull this card as my plans are already aligned this month. 

The reason I love being back in a place with four seasons is having a time set aside for slowing down and working on my intellect. And that is what the tarot is asking of us this month. Slow down, turn your thoughts to reflections, read all the books, take some online classes. Right now is a great time to gather all the intel. There is no great need for output at this point, there are not a lot of things that need to be done. If you are looking to take actions, feel into your heart to see what comes easily. Rest and reflection are what is called for. 

Algiz. This is the symbol of the peace that can be found when you know you are safe. There are different ways to create different types of safety. Setting healthy balance boundaries is a huge one. The best thing to remember is that rather than saying no or rejecting the person – you are saying yes to yourself. Bad boundaries can be really bad for business if you let your clients bend the rules or if you refuse to give yourself time off. (If you want to join my class on boundaries for business Jan 21- click here for tickets) Boundary setting takes practice, and one must be careful not to overcorrect. Keep practicing saying yes to yourself.  

The other protection we can give ourselves is forgiveness. Forgiveness is about releasing the anger and trauma from your body. It does not mean you have to allow the person back in your life, it does not condone their actions, it just frees up space in you so that you can move forward. I have found that doing the forgiveness work really helps when you need to hold someone accountable. (I’ll add a link talking about accountability later this week!) There are so many conversations that are easier to have one you have healed on your side, and they are better received by the other when the anger is lessened. You forgive others to heal yourself and when you reach 100% forgiveness on all levels of your being, that person can no longer hurt you.

The third thing to think about in protection is learning how to trust. It is easier to trust others when we have processed the betrayals that taught us discernment as we developed. It is true that not everyone is trustworthy. But if we carry the belief “There is no one I can trust” then you will only call untrustworthy people into your field. But once you learn how to really trust, and have good discernment around trust, and are a trustworthy person- your field will be filled with other trustworthy people, which create so much ease our nervous systems 

February: The Hanged Man/ Dagaz  

The Hanged Man: This is the coldest month for many places who have winter and a great time to slow down even more. The hanged man is always in a space in between. This is not a time to look for answers, but rather a time to have faith. February is the month when we are in the goo phase of becoming a butterfly. There is nothing for you to do at this moment, just to be. 

Dagaz represents being on the precipice of change. Like the Hanged Man there is no call for action right now. We are all on the edge of a new breakthrough. The focus of this month is to tune into your purpose and dream about what life will be like when we break on through. Work on your dreams, and keep staying tuned into the most aligned actions, as this is still a rest period for us. 

March: 2 of Swords /  Eihwaz 

2 of Swords: This is not the time to fight any battles. The two of swords shows 2 swords at rest, not engaged in conflict, set up on the wall out of reach. This month it is good to let go of your need to be right every time and be selective of what battles you choose to fight. If you do need to resolve a conflict – do the forgiveness work first and find a more peaceful way to come to a resolution. Coming in with anger this month will simply cause the other to shut down and prevent healing dialog, 

The Rune: There is a give and take with every situation – a balance of the energies. When we are feeling disrespected we go on the defensive. And this balance will be easily upset this month. Feelings of disrespect will be flaring up this month, whether the disrespect was intentional or imagined. So take a moment to reflect before you react, knowing that others will be reacting the same. Compounding this is that some may not be in tune with what they really are feeling, as there may be a tendency to be a bit separate from emotions this month. The best way to get through this month is to hold respect for yourself and to extend respect to others.

April:  4 of Swords / Raido 

4 of Swords: The energy of repose and reset deepens this month. The swords on the ground and forgotten about the battles are behind you. Take the time to relax and have fun. There is no need to fight or prove anything this month. 

Raido: After the rest and rejuvenation of the last few months you will naturally want to move again. Raido is about being in tune with the natural rhythm of your life. You aren’t trying to rush or hustle, just being in tune with the right pace for you. We each have our own rhythm and too often we try to go too fast or too slow. This is the month where you can learn to truly surrender to your divine timing and be in harmony with your greater path. 

May: The Tower / Inguz 

The Tower: Good thing you were taking the advice of the previous cards and resting up and finding ease and peace- because this is where the year really starts to take off! I always love The Tower because it is such a great opportunity to change. As we release old beliefs and bring in new ones we recreate our future. This process can be uncomfortable for many – though if you already have a practice of working with beliefs – like doing ThetaHealing – it’s possible to get through this period with grace. 

Inguz: Be prepared for so much activity- you may be popping off creatively- coming up with new ideas for work – or filled with inspiration to write. This is a month for action, if you feel the call, go for it! The universe has got your back and you may feel amazingly inspired. Be sure to take good care of yourself, drink water and take walks to balance out the transformative energy. 

June: 9 of pentacles  / Wunjo

9 of Pentacles (coins): This is the time to find a common ground. Adaptability is the key moving through this month. It may be tweaking some of the great ideas from last month, or learning how to work with a new partner. Set aside the ego and be open to new ideas and new ways of looking at all the things you have created, There is nothing wrong with the initial ideas, they just any need a little bit of tweaking, 

Wunjo: This rune shows us that we have successfully gone through a big shift and it is now time to collect the rewards. This may be a good time to launch a new product and to call in rewards for the good you have put into the world so far this year. Or you can just rest and celebrate, 

July: 7 of Pentacles / Kano reversed 

7 of Pentacles: This month could be really rough if you ignore the advice of June. Things may not go as planned so take your adaptability that you perfected in June and take it to the next level. Be ready to pivot and change directions. It all may go smoothly, but have an awareness that you may need to make some shifts. 

Kano Reversed: It may be easy this month to let the stress get to you. Keep your energy and your mind open. It may feel like all the doors are closing, so keep looking for the things that are opening up for you elsewhere. We learned a few months ago about picking our battles and that skill is going to help you get through this month.  Be patient with your inner emotional landscape and there may be a lot of fluctuation. 

August: 2 of Wands / Mannaz

2 of Wands: After all the events of the last few  months you will emerge with a full understanding of your boundaries and how you want to live your life. This is a great month to restructure your business or your life to fit in with your new understanding of who you really are and of your heart’s priorities. Your life is your own to recreate. 

Mannaz: This rune signifies to return to the true self. Life can leave us jaded but through discernment we can return to that wide eyed wonder of a child. Innocence is not just for the young- it is a necessary part of moving into our wisdom as we age. The balance of discernment and innocence keeps us safe and able to really experience joy. 

September:  8 of Chalices / Uruz reversed 

8 of Chalices; If it doesn’t light up your soul- walk away. Do not spend your time doing things purely out of duty. Unaligned activities are going to be especially draining this month. Don’t worry all the signs will be there to help you understand what is and is not aligned for you. Do not ignore your emotions and intuition this month especially. 

Uruz reversed: Pay attention to the small hurts this month. You will be getting all the info you need to make the best corrections. Spend your time doing the things that come easily and don;t worry about needing to push or grow too much this month. Practice letting others support you and find things to be grateful for each day. 

October: Knight of Swords / Fehu 

Knight of Swords: Take in all the lessons of the past three months- it is time to move again! Be sure to temper the enthusiasm and impulsiveness with wisdom and balance your energy by allowing others to help. Follow your intuition and be sure to find the right counsel. 

Fehu: There is a possibility of this being a very abundant month. Lots of energy will be moving and you just need to be ready to receive. If you haven’t already, this may be a great time to clear out the house. The more space we make in our home the more space we have for more abundance to come in. On an emotional level- it is also good to be one hundred perfect honest with ourselves. 

November: King of Swords/ Ansuz 

King of Swords: August set the ground rules and now is the time to fully come into your power. You will be learning how to lead in new ways, letting go of the old paradigms of leadership that are no longer working for you. Hopefully you have already found the best team for you over the last few months so give you the best council. 

Ansuz: Listen well to what the universe is trying to say. There will be a lot of messages coming though this month. Pay attention also to how you communicate with others around you. Clear communication is easier when we are clear in our emotions, the one to really release now is guilt. Feel into what it is trying to teach you, and bring in self forgiveness. 

December: The Moon/ Odin’s Rune – Blank 

The Moon: The unknown will rule this month. It may feel like there is an unseen undercurrent moving through your life. Things many seem to come out of nowhere. Be aware that those around you may not be reacting to other things. Sometimes it’s all about you- but do not make that assumption this month. 

Blank rune: Be prepared for some surprises this month! Try to to read too much into what will or will not happen this month- it is not for you to know. Simply work on your personal connection to the divine and know that all will be well. 


The Flow of Healing & Importance of Ancestral work

When we first come to a healing modality it is often to heal our own pain- either physical, spiritual, emotional, or a mix of all or some. With the knowledge of course that healing the emotions and spirit heals the body and that some physical healings have the ability to shift our thoughts  A large part of the healing journey is spent just healing the trauma and pain from this lifetime, and depending on what you have been through up to this point it can feel to some that it goes on forever. It can feel really intense at first when you start to go into and release a lifeitmes’ worth of resentment, anger, grief, pain, and trauma. 

A few things for you to know: It does not need to go on forever. It is possible to be fully healed in this lifetime. Depending on how fast you work and how much you have to clear- some people spend the first couple years really uncovering and releasing all sorts of things in one on one session. Doing the work as a student accelerates the pace as we walk you through specific topics to clear things in groups and you learn how to do the work on yourself. 

Though I do need to mention: we have free will and some people are not ready to heal on a subconscious level. This is not a logical belief to most and when brought up in sessions there can be resistance to this concept. People say “But I DO want to be healed, that is why I am working with you.” True – on the conscious level people seek out lots of help to “get better” but if there is an underlying belief that “I am only nurtured or cared for when I am sick”  or “I only get to rest when I am sick” or any other of a thousand secondary benefits, the person’s subconscious will keep the body from fully healing to keep getting the love, nurturing, or boundaries it thinks one can only receive through the sickness. 

Next: In the process of healing, you may look at one moment in time or one unbalanced relationship more than once to fully clear it. I call these the gifts that keep on giving. For me I had 2 big ones: An accident as a child and a sibling. With the accident – everytime we looked into it we cleared more of the trauma and found new lesions. Each time I looked at that  moment it got easier and easier to see what happened and deeper lessons were learned. So be patient with yourself if you keep going back – heal as much as you can each time and ask yourself “What new things can I see now that I didn’t see before in this moment”.  

Now, there are many many things that can and will be cleared instantly. A lot of what we clear in session just needs to be brought to light and it can be gone forever. So please know that while you may have that one big thorn in your side, you can still heal a lot of the pain around it. Sometimes we just have to heal other parts to get the understanding and perspective to heal the big issue. 

Deeper understanding comes with time. I have had clients be desperate to understand why things happen. If you are new and just tapping in- the why may not make sense or it will feel like victim blaming. The truth is we co-created this reality, but in saying that some people only hear – “you choose to have all this bad stuff happen to you” and that is not what we mean when we talk about co-creation of our lives. The bad stuff happens for many reasons- none of them are your soul choosing to be in pain. As adults we can call in painful experiences because of beliefs that were created in childhood or inherited. I grew up with the belief that “Love means accepting abuse” because of my relationship with the sibling, so guess what kind of partners I drew as an adult. As soon as I cleared that I was able to have healthy relationships.  We also draw in experiences that will teach us valuable life lessons. If our higher self wants to be more patient- it will call in people who exhaust you to teach you patience in a very visceral way.  Most of us are in the vibration that we “Have to learn the hard way” or “The hardest learned lessons are the most valuable”   Clearing these helps us move forward learning things the easy way. 

When we mention co-creation, the next question is always about the children being born into bad situations. No they did not choose to be treated that way- but they are working through all of the beliefs of their parents and ancestors. Some childhood diseases are a co-creation of parent and child to teach them both (often mostly the parent) valuable lessons. 

 We come into this life with all sorts of beliefs inherited from our parents and our ancestors. These beliefs can sometimes be more powerful than the beliefs that we create in this lifetime. Now it is not that our ancestors are giving us all these messed up beliefs- they are trying to help us grow. Here is how it works: We come here to learn different virtues that we can use to open up our abilities and advance as souls. The way we were conditioned to learn these virtues is through different human experiences that oftentimes are unpleasant. Though they don’t to be – we are just used to learning that way! So our ancestors worked really hard to learn these virtues and pass them down. Unfortunately since we are conditional learners, we also inherit  the negative belief that helped them learn the virtue. So you could inherit being Hardworking, Integrity, and Resilience. But your great- great – grandfather learned it through feeling alone, stress, and rejection. So when you want to tap into those virtues your higher self creates scenarios where you feel alone, stressed out, and rejected. 

So while we can clear our lifetime’s worth of lessons- and connect to them because we experienced them, the deepest healings happen when we have healed enough of yourselves to  move on to healing the ancestors. Everytime we go and talk to great- great- great- grandma (or as far back as you can go each time) and release from them and from yourself and negative program and collect the virtues- the effect is exponential. When you go back 10 generations and work with one ancestor, clear their energy and heal your connection to it- the same healing is offered up to all who after that ancestor in their lineage. Now we all have free will, so not everyone is going to accept this, but it is usually 70% or greater who do.

The first thing you will see when you start to work with your ancestors- is pretty big shifts in you. Oftentimes that one final belief that helps you heal is connected to an amazing virtue you inherited. That is why the World Relations class can be for some the most healing class I teach. Students who are drawn to this class have already cleared so much from themselves and are ready to really heal the lineage. I’ve heard it over and over again how the final key was in that class. 

This is not to say that one should only work with the ancestors, we still need to address what we went through and heal it. I have seen students try this in early classes where they skip over their own lives and only heal on ancestral level. It creates a lot of clearing, but doesn’t heal the biggest wounds. As with all things there needs to be a balance. 

If you are new to ThetaHealing and want to see if this is for you, set up a free discovery call to just chat or a one on one paid session to experience it:

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