Claim Your Magic

Imagine being able to live your daily life in a magical way – talking to the birds and the trees, having things happen easily for you, knowing just where to go or exactly what to say.

Or just being able to really listen to your heart without your head getting in the way, so you can create the most aligned business for your unique talents.

What if you knew exactly what the client is looking for before they do? You could be the first in the market with the next big thing for your business from a place in being completely in tune with your audience

What if you could manifest the best weather for every vacation?

Small miracles can happen on a regular basis.

All of this can happen FOR you and through you.

You have the MAGIC inside you – you just need to claim it.


You are a magical human!

You are worthy of claiming and using your gifts!

It is possible for you to feel safe being a magical being in this lifetime.

I’ve been there.

Trying to make sense of a gift.

Asking what it is really for? (because it just feels like too much at times.)

But all our gifts are just that: Gifts. They can be our greatest assets.

With training and patience and structure, you can turn your empathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, or any other clair- into your secret to success.

Every gift is going to look different in every person. Your expression of your spiritual gifts is unique.

You can do this in ANY industry, this training in not just for my fellow healers and professional psychics. Anyone can use their gifts to make life and work easier and so much more fun.


True story: Every place I travel has “unusually dry or unusually warm weather for this season”. As I moved through Scotland last year, the rain stopped before I arrived and started again as I left each region.

One time I was hungry and tired in an airport and thought “I would really love some fries” & one minute later a guy asked me to watch his bags as he ran for food and asked if I wanted anything! Magically appearing fries!

I once asked the universe for a space to hold a class and ended up with a place to live by the ocean and the cutest cat ever.

I followed my intuition on a vacation and got to try on the some of the Spender Jewels & another $750K worth of stones.

All this by being in tune with the energy and honing my gifts.


This program is for you if:

  • You know there is something more to your intuition and it feels just slightly out of reach
  • You get amazing hits periodically and are looking for consistancy
  • You are looking for a deeper connection to nature and the world around you
  • You think it could be fun to talk to fairies
  • You are open to allowing the Universe to work for you
  • You like suprises
  • You are ready to really open up your life to ease and magic
  • You may have tried other programs and have not gotten there yet
  • You are looking for magical community


Meet your Magical guide (and familiar)


My name is Marie and I have been playing in the realm of magic for my entire life.

It stared with a near death experience at the age of 2 & 1/2. Shortly after that I started seeing ghosts. Talking to them was a natural thing for me as was living a few minutes in the future for a bit as I got older.

As a college student I trained in Astaru and German Shamanism, they went on later to become a ThetaHeaing Certificate of Science. I have been a rune and tarot reader for the last 25 years.

I understand the balance needed between gifts and training. My earliest gifts come easily – but they needed to be nurtured and celebrated for the next set to come in.

I have also helped hundreds of students open up their gifts, many who honesty believed that they were not psychic at all.

No matter where you are starting from – you too can access your unique abilities. These things can be learned.

The Program:

Join me in a cozy container of up to 6 people for a 16 week program that will change your life.

The small group allows me to tailor the experience to your needs as a group.

There are lesson plans – but much of the class will be channeled based on what the group needs, including specialized mediations, energy clearings, and healings.

You get:

  • weekly meetings to tune in, heal, connect, & meditate
  • Online portal with recordings of our meetings, mediations, and optional classes
  • A community of magical people
  • An in-person retreat to test and play with your new abilities (and unlock unknown ones)
  • Ongoing practices to help you open and deepen your skills (aka: homework)
  • An oracle or tarot deck intuitively picked just for you

The retreat will be 2 days, held in Ohio. Activities may include: talking to fairies, moving things with our minds, changing the weather, trading readings. Again – it will be tailored to the beautiful souls that are gathered.

And If you want the VIP treatment, for an upgrade you will also get:

  • Fly in a day early for the retreat and receive a full day on in person group healing from me. With my signature blend of Breathwork, Journaling, ThetaHeaing, Sound Therapy, & Somatic Healing.
  • One on One time with me each month to help clear blocks or for extra training
  • A curated box of magical supplies, each individualized based on our intake conversation.

Set up a call now to learn more!

Or just sign up here (For those ready to just jump in! I’ll still set up a call afterwards, especially to get your curated box set up!)

Starts early January