Rune of the Day, Feb 20, These boots are made for walking

Algiz reversed, Wunjo reversed, Dagaz
Serenity is rather elusive when you feel no one is respecting your space. Your boundaries are important and yours are being sorely tested, but truly this is a test for you. It is time to flex your power and firmly set the lined where you begin and others’ energy ends. It may feel as though you are cutting people off energetically at first, but once you become used to your energy becoming your own you will realize how much of yourself you have been missing. The hope lies with you, that you see your own greatness and start to respect your own space, once you do that others will follow.

Rune of the Day, Jan 30, Let us rejoice and be glad in it

Revelations will happen today, the scale is anywhere from finding your lost pen to finally understanding why you are here. It will be different for everyone, but the waiting is over and you are about to reap the benefits of your patience. If your breakthrough is small, take hope, it is a sign that you are on the right path. Have fun today, relax, laugh, celebrate that you are in touch with your true self.
I couldn’t sleep and went outside to look at the stars. Such an amazing sight, to see them twinkling from so far away.

Rune of the Day, Dec 9, As we get older and stop making sense

A major shift is about to happen. Soon you may start to see things quite differently as this change is all about you. Internal struggles will soon find resolution. Take heart that the things you have hoped for may soon arrive. But it won’t happen in a predictable way, and you may feel like things are going backwards for a moment. It may not be a feel good gentle breakthrough, rather a disruptive and relatively harmless “wtf?” followed by the epiphany. Because sometimes you need to re-break a bone to get it to reset correctly and your energy may need reset. So when things stop making sense for a moment, just roll with it and see what happens.

Rune of the Day, Nov 1


I heaved a sign of relief when this rune came out of the bag. I know many of you have had a few rough days this week. This rune brings major shifts and many us of need to do a 180 right now. The good news is that all the emotional crud we have been going through lately is clearing up and making way to lay new foundations. Now that Pandora’s box is open, we have access to hope. Good things are coming.