Blog, Resurrected

So I am back! 

It has been an interesting journey. About a year ago I decided that I needed help with my website. So I found a company who made House Of Kellen very pretty, But they overpromised on the flexibility of their services. Basically my website was only up to date with my class schedule about twice in the last year, so it wasn’t serving my students at all as they didn’t know when I was teaching what. So I started a whole new website that I could keep up to date. 

Eventually my contract ended with the less than amazing company and I had my site migrated back to wordpress. Unfortunately this wiped out all 150 entries in my old blog!

But what a better way to start fresh.

So I am shifting the tone of this blog to center more around ThetaHealing and other modalities and how they relate. If you only followed me for the runes, there will be a smattering here, but I will be reposting a lot of the old stuff and plenty of new stuff about runes and SciFi over at  So follow this blog for Theta or head over to the new one for runes.

I am excited to be back! 

It has been an intense few years, and I am just now stepping back into my creative self. As I am sure some of you can relate.