Rune of the Day, June 29, You ask me why, I’m just a hairy guy

Jera, Fehu, Mannaz reversed

The lack of progress right now can be frustrating if you only look at what is not happening that you feel should be. We are in a holding pattern right now; the things that you have set in motion are still stewing in the background. The best thing to do right now with your need for action is to clean your house. The more things you clear out physically, the more room you will have spiritually. Good things will come, you just need to be patient and make room for their arrival.

Rune of the Day, April 3, But I remember everything

Fehu, Sowelu, Ansuz

Spring cleaning is defiantly needed! The noise from all the memories trapped in your possessions are clouding your journey to wholeness. The energetic ties to things keep drawing us into the past, some memories are great to keep around because they give us hope and joy. But take a good look at the things that were given to you by people who are no longer serving your growth and find new homes for them. As you pick up each item is your house, just hold if for a moment and it will tell you if it needs to stay or go. I usually do several passes through the same area, as each time you let go of one object it makes it easier to let go of others.

Rune of the Day, March 24, Somewhere over the rainbow

Thurisa reversed, Tiewaz reversed, Fehu
Hold on tight! Things are happening quickly today, do not let yourself be swept away. Let the energy move through you, but don’t let it push you into rash actions. Stay mindful of the things you have already gained and work to preserve what you have. Enjoy the excitement around you, but don’t get caught up in the whirlwind. Stay strong and on course.

Rune of the Day, March 7, Yes, time, time, time is on my side

Fehu, Berkana reversed, Ansuz
It is time to draw the line between the things you own and the things that own you. The collective energy of the hidden away and forgotten items is blocking your spiritual growth. The clothes you will never wear and the gifts from old ex’s hidden in boxes all tether you to the person you used to be. It may be a yucky process and it won’t happen in one day, but it is time to physically separate you from your past and clear up the energy needed to move forward. Yes, spring cleaning is upon us, and it will benefit your soul more than your home. If there are things that you absolutely can’t let go of, cleanse it of the memories and the energy and then see how you feel about it.

Rune of the Day, Dec 29, Can you see or hear or should I smash the mirror?

Fehu Reversed
So what is it that you are not being honest with yourself about? Are you following your true path? Is there a relationship that you are being false in? There is a disconnect between what you believe about yourself and what you are telling the rest of us, and we can see that something is slightly off kilter. There may be fear that we won’t like what you are not telling us, but we are all hiding some small little bit, so be brave and be the first to open up, and we will follow.

Rune of the Day, Dec 8, You might find, you get what you need

Are you doing what you love and do you love what you do? It is time to be honest about how you view your income and possessions. Do you only work to get more things? Are the things in your life ruling you? It is okay to want the nice house and fancy car, as long as they are not all that you live for. The attainment of such things should be a reward for following your heart and nourishing your soul, not the goal that consumes your every waking hour. The things we fill our homes with each contain their own energy, so are you surrounding yourself with things that bring a sense of joy, or that make you feel superior? Look you from the computer for a moment and scan your room. What things did you buy out of fear or envy? Do they really need to be there? Was the work you did to obtain the item worth the sacrifice? If not, it is time to re-evaluate what you do for money. Does your work fill you with joy? You may feel that there is no other work you could get, or that the money is too good to do anything else; if that is the case, it may just be time to be honest with yourself about why you do what you do.