And I don’t wanna live that way, Runes for Dec 2019

Algiz reversed, Eihwaz, Dagaz

Partially due to the social structure of the holiday season- it’s going to be hard to find to the time and space to center oneself in ones’ own thoughts without setting up clear boundaries. This is a time to learn to say no to others with compassion and determination. Take a look at what bonds you to another person: are they in your life because of a sense of duty, or because you “should” include them, does anyone in your life hold you emotionally  hostage? Do you feel like you owe them something because of ‘all that you have gone through’?  Time alone does not make a relationship better or prove that it is worth keeping. It comes down to this; does being with this person bring you happiness, do you like you are in their presence, do they help you see a new side of yourself? Say yes to those that increase your energy and joy and release the ones that drain your energy.

A note on those that do drain us- also look at if you have people in you life just to be an obstacle to overcome. Do you work better when someone tells you that you can’t do it? What are you learning from the people that annoy you?

This month is going to present a variety of new obstacles. But these are not signs that you should stop all together – just that it is time to redirect your energy.  Like a stream- just flow around the rocks. When encountering your problematic relationships, try also to go in without preemptively being on the defensive, give them a chance to show if they have changed. (this is for the annoying people, not the toxic ones that you are letting go of)

This can be an amazing month is if you are thinking outside the box and trying new approaches! Set firm boundaries and keep your eyes on your goals and work daily towards them. There is a lot of great potential, a lot of opportunity to change things for the better, but it will take some hard work and determination.

I can see for miles and miles.. Runes of the Month for March

Runes of the Month for March 2018

Dagaz, Ansuz, Burkana

Well! The good news is that February is coming to an end and we can all relax. It has been a bumpy ride and now that we are raw and open and have a much clearer grasp of personal inventory, it is time to rebuild.

The tone for the month is transformation, so get ready to do a lot of work! If you are unwilling to change this month could be a bit rough as change is the most important aspect of the next few weeks and why we spent the last few finding out all the things that weren’t working. So time to start new projects, revamp the ones that didn’t take off, make new friends. It’s time to expand and grow.

With all this radical growth and unpredictable energy it may be hard at times to really focus in on what’s being said around you- so make time every day to relax and meditate, cultivate your active listening skills, because there may be things you are overlooking in your excitement. Also too, ay attention to any lingering feelings of remorse or regret that come up this month- it’s time to let it go, otherwise these feelings could cause unnecessary complications.

This is a great time to pick up a new skill, especially one that makes you nervous. The energy for new growth will abound and it will be easier to keep the knowledge in and apply it quickly. So find a passion and dig in.

Rune of the Day, December 9, I know they’d never match my sweet imagination

Wunjo, Dagaz, Inguz

Things are ready to turn around, you just have to be willing to accept the changes. If you can open yourself up to a whole new way of being and really let go of the past you will be able to see the new things that are coming. But, you must let go of your old ways of thinking. If you continue to live as you have been the future that has been prepared for you will slip into a fog. So let it all go and be open to finally grasping your destiny.

Rune of the Day, April 26, Bloom where you are planted

Isa, Dagaz, Perth

There have been so many changes and redirects lately that the sudden calm may feel a bit strange. Things are suddenly not going forward, but it is serving two purposes. The first is to give you some breathing room and time to reflect. The second is that while things around you are momentarily still, changes are happening behind the scenes that are setting you up for the next wave. So take joy in the calm waters, they won’t last too long and soon you will be back on track and the universe will be unveiling some new surprises.

Rune of the Day, April 16, Country road take me home

Dagaz, Hagalz, Laguz reversed
The big break you have been working towards in within reach. The chaos that surrounds it is a good thing, as it is helping everything resettle where it needs to be. It can be frustrating having so many things up in the air at one time, but the key to juggling is to stay focused and relaxed and in the zone. It is really easy right now to do too much and work against your strengths because your goal is so close. Stay focused and keep your pace the same as it was yesterday, you will get there, just don’t try to rush things.

Rune of the Day, March 9, I go walking in the middle of the night

Sowelu, Algiz reversed, Dagaz

It may feel right now as though you are under attack from invisible forces, but it is just one of the final phases of growing into you as a whole person. Emotions are going to fluctuate for a little while, do not fight the feelings that arise, simply acknowledge each one and give it space. Also, be aware of your diet at this time, with all the spiritual changes going on in the background, make sure that you are reinforcing them physically. It may be time to step away from things like alcohol, coffee, and sugar. If that is too big of a change, at least be conscious of your consumption and try to cut back. Major shifts are happening right now, they just need the space and support to happen. Don’t fight what you are feeling, though there is no need to act right away, just be.

Rune of the Day, March 8, Bloom where you are planted

Dagaz, Ansuz, Odin
A major breakthrough is just a breath away. The difficulty will be in recognizing the subtle messages that are being sent, your gifts are on their way, but may come in unfamiliar ways. Remember that nightmares are just a way to process changes and let go of resistances in yourself, without having to manifest a physical scenario that would teach you the same lesson. Absolute trust in the universe is called for today. Be content with the answers and gifts you have been given and are about to receive without asking for more. There will be times to put in your requests, but today is not one of them.

Rune of the Day, Feb 27, Joy, beautiful spark of the gods

Wunjo, Jera, Dagaz
It is time to claim the joy and serenity that has been rather elusive of late. When you joy comes, revel in it. It will take some work and patience, but if you have been working on your personal growth than the harvest should go smoothly. Be prepared to deal with some surprises today, anything can happen.

Rune of the Day, Feb 20, These boots are made for walking

Algiz reversed, Wunjo reversed, Dagaz
Serenity is rather elusive when you feel no one is respecting your space. Your boundaries are important and yours are being sorely tested, but truly this is a test for you. It is time to flex your power and firmly set the lined where you begin and others’ energy ends. It may feel as though you are cutting people off energetically at first, but once you become used to your energy becoming your own you will realize how much of yourself you have been missing. The hope lies with you, that you see your own greatness and start to respect your own space, once you do that others will follow.

Rune of the Day, Jan 30, Let us rejoice and be glad in it

Revelations will happen today, the scale is anywhere from finding your lost pen to finally understanding why you are here. It will be different for everyone, but the waiting is over and you are about to reap the benefits of your patience. If your breakthrough is small, take hope, it is a sign that you are on the right path. Have fun today, relax, laugh, celebrate that you are in touch with your true self.
I couldn’t sleep and went outside to look at the stars. Such an amazing sight, to see them twinkling from so far away.