I can see for miles and miles.. Runes of the Month for March

Runes of the Month for March 2018

Dagaz, Ansuz, Burkana

Well! The good news is that February is coming to an end and we can all relax. It has been a bumpy ride and now that we are raw and open and have a much clearer grasp of personal inventory, it is time to rebuild.

The tone for the month is transformation, so get ready to do a lot of work! If you are unwilling to change this month could be a bit rough as change is the most important aspect of the next few weeks and why we spent the last few finding out all the things that weren’t working. So time to start new projects, revamp the ones that didn’t take off, make new friends. It’s time to expand and grow.

With all this radical growth and unpredictable energy it may be hard at times to really focus in on what’s being said around you- so make time every day to relax and meditate, cultivate your active listening skills, because there may be things you are overlooking in your excitement. Also too, ay attention to any lingering feelings of remorse or regret that come up this month- it’s time to let it go, otherwise these feelings could cause unnecessary complications.

This is a great time to pick up a new skill, especially one that makes you nervous. The energy for new growth will abound and it will be easier to keep the knowledge in and apply it quickly. So find a passion and dig in.

Rune of the Day, Aug 20, Either way it’s okay you wake up with yourself

Ansuz, Mannaz, Uruz reversed

There is a message waiting for you you but it will be coming through a source you least expect. Pay attention to what others have to say to you and about you. There is some truth to the rumors and especially pay attention to what makes you annoyed. You can say “Oh, it is just their issue projecting on me”. But why does it annoy you if there isn’t a part of you that believes it? I am not saying that everything they say is true, just be open to hearing what they have to say and acknowledging that maybe there are things you still need to let go of. Now is not a time to show your strength and brush off negative comments. The message is one of unacknowledged guilt and playing innocent with yourself will only make it harder to move on. It is time to take stock of your vulnerabilities and be grateful for the things you have learned from them and stop beating yourself up for not always being perfect.

Rune of the Day, May 13, Ah, changes are taking the pace I’m going through

Ansuz, Uruz, Isa

There is a lot of information floating around right now. Messages are coming from all directions and there are a lot of choices to be made. It would be prudent to take a day or two before starting anything new as the dust is still settling. Take your time absorbing the changes and new information before you act. It may be a bit challenging to stand still for a day, but you will feel better about your decisions if you wait until you have all the information and have had a chance to process it.

Rune of the Day, April 3, But I remember everything

Fehu, Sowelu, Ansuz

Spring cleaning is defiantly needed! The noise from all the memories trapped in your possessions are clouding your journey to wholeness. The energetic ties to things keep drawing us into the past, some memories are great to keep around because they give us hope and joy. But take a good look at the things that were given to you by people who are no longer serving your growth and find new homes for them. As you pick up each item is your house, just hold if for a moment and it will tell you if it needs to stay or go. I usually do several passes through the same area, as each time you let go of one object it makes it easier to let go of others.

Rune of the Day, March 17, So long and thanks for all the fish

Odin, Fehu reversed, Ansuz
Don’t worry about your frustrations today. They are simply a part of a much larger magic working through you. You are being given the answers, even though they may not make sense right now, so stop asking and start receiving.

Rune of the Day, March 8, Bloom where you are planted

Dagaz, Ansuz, Odin
A major breakthrough is just a breath away. The difficulty will be in recognizing the subtle messages that are being sent, your gifts are on their way, but may come in unfamiliar ways. Remember that nightmares are just a way to process changes and let go of resistances in yourself, without having to manifest a physical scenario that would teach you the same lesson. Absolute trust in the universe is called for today. Be content with the answers and gifts you have been given and are about to receive without asking for more. There will be times to put in your requests, but today is not one of them.

Rune of the Day, March 7, Yes, time, time, time is on my side

Fehu, Berkana reversed, Ansuz
It is time to draw the line between the things you own and the things that own you. The collective energy of the hidden away and forgotten items is blocking your spiritual growth. The clothes you will never wear and the gifts from old ex’s hidden in boxes all tether you to the person you used to be. It may be a yucky process and it won’t happen in one day, but it is time to physically separate you from your past and clear up the energy needed to move forward. Yes, spring cleaning is upon us, and it will benefit your soul more than your home. If there are things that you absolutely can’t let go of, cleanse it of the memories and the energy and then see how you feel about it.

Rune of the Day, Jan 4, I see a doorway and I want to paint it black

Ansuz reversed
It may feel as though you are out of touch with others today. There is a good reason for this. The message will be coming later and right now is a time to learn how to be okay with being still and empty. The lack of communication right now is a chance to listen to yourself and to be okay with not knowing the answers. Listen also to the little voice that still debates what you should have done in a situation passed. Let go of the decisions you made or failed to make. Holding onto these crossroads keeps you from seeing clearly the choices in front of you. It makes it seems as though you only have one choice, but that is just a blind spot created by your guilt over not taking that road before. Clear these choices and stand still in your emptiness and know that soon you will know exactly what to do.

Rune of the day, Dec 21, This is the end, my only friend the end

There is a great chance that something strange may happen today, on top of the current chaos that everyone is going through lately. Today there are no chance encounters. Messages are being sent out, are you ready to receive? Are you ready to listen to your higher self and take the necessary steps for your own evolution? This is not the end, but an amazing beginning. Many of you have been awaking over this last year. It has been a year of dealing with all the emotions and beliefs that we had buried, and the last of those are now coming to the surface. It is time to turn and face the things you have been running from and listen to the wisdom that is coming in from all around you. The message is being sent in many forms, all you have to do is listen.