The Flow of Healing & Importance of Ancestral work

When we first come to a healing modality it is often to heal our own pain- either physical, spiritual, emotional, or a mix of all or some. With the knowledge of course that healing the emotions and spirit heals the body and that some physical healings have the ability to shift our thoughts  A large part of the healing journey is spent just healing the trauma and pain from this lifetime, and depending on what you have been through up to this point it can feel to some that it goes on forever. It can feel really intense at first when you start to go into and release a lifeitmes’ worth of resentment, anger, grief, pain, and trauma. 

A few things for you to know: It does not need to go on forever. It is possible to be fully healed in this lifetime. Depending on how fast you work and how much you have to clear- some people spend the first couple years really uncovering and releasing all sorts of things in one on one session. Doing the work as a student accelerates the pace as we walk you through specific topics to clear things in groups and you learn how to do the work on yourself. 

Though I do need to mention: we have free will and some people are not ready to heal on a subconscious level. This is not a logical belief to most and when brought up in sessions there can be resistance to this concept. People say “But I DO want to be healed, that is why I am working with you.” True – on the conscious level people seek out lots of help to “get better” but if there is an underlying belief that “I am only nurtured or cared for when I am sick”  or “I only get to rest when I am sick” or any other of a thousand secondary benefits, the person’s subconscious will keep the body from fully healing to keep getting the love, nurturing, or boundaries it thinks one can only receive through the sickness. 

Next: In the process of healing, you may look at one moment in time or one unbalanced relationship more than once to fully clear it. I call these the gifts that keep on giving. For me I had 2 big ones: An accident as a child and a sibling. With the accident – everytime we looked into it we cleared more of the trauma and found new lesions. Each time I looked at that  moment it got easier and easier to see what happened and deeper lessons were learned. So be patient with yourself if you keep going back – heal as much as you can each time and ask yourself “What new things can I see now that I didn’t see before in this moment”.  

Now, there are many many things that can and will be cleared instantly. A lot of what we clear in session just needs to be brought to light and it can be gone forever. So please know that while you may have that one big thorn in your side, you can still heal a lot of the pain around it. Sometimes we just have to heal other parts to get the understanding and perspective to heal the big issue. 

Deeper understanding comes with time. I have had clients be desperate to understand why things happen. If you are new and just tapping in- the why may not make sense or it will feel like victim blaming. The truth is we co-created this reality, but in saying that some people only hear – “you choose to have all this bad stuff happen to you” and that is not what we mean when we talk about co-creation of our lives. The bad stuff happens for many reasons- none of them are your soul choosing to be in pain. As adults we can call in painful experiences because of beliefs that were created in childhood or inherited. I grew up with the belief that “Love means accepting abuse” because of my relationship with the sibling, so guess what kind of partners I drew as an adult. As soon as I cleared that I was able to have healthy relationships.  We also draw in experiences that will teach us valuable life lessons. If our higher self wants to be more patient- it will call in people who exhaust you to teach you patience in a very visceral way.  Most of us are in the vibration that we “Have to learn the hard way” or “The hardest learned lessons are the most valuable”   Clearing these helps us move forward learning things the easy way. 

When we mention co-creation, the next question is always about the children being born into bad situations. No they did not choose to be treated that way- but they are working through all of the beliefs of their parents and ancestors. Some childhood diseases are a co-creation of parent and child to teach them both (often mostly the parent) valuable lessons. 

 We come into this life with all sorts of beliefs inherited from our parents and our ancestors. These beliefs can sometimes be more powerful than the beliefs that we create in this lifetime. Now it is not that our ancestors are giving us all these messed up beliefs- they are trying to help us grow. Here is how it works: We come here to learn different virtues that we can use to open up our abilities and advance as souls. The way we were conditioned to learn these virtues is through different human experiences that oftentimes are unpleasant. Though they don’t to be – we are just used to learning that way! So our ancestors worked really hard to learn these virtues and pass them down. Unfortunately since we are conditional learners, we also inherit  the negative belief that helped them learn the virtue. So you could inherit being Hardworking, Integrity, and Resilience. But your great- great – grandfather learned it through feeling alone, stress, and rejection. So when you want to tap into those virtues your higher self creates scenarios where you feel alone, stressed out, and rejected. 

So while we can clear our lifetime’s worth of lessons- and connect to them because we experienced them, the deepest healings happen when we have healed enough of yourselves to  move on to healing the ancestors. Everytime we go and talk to great- great- great- grandma (or as far back as you can go each time) and release from them and from yourself and negative program and collect the virtues- the effect is exponential. When you go back 10 generations and work with one ancestor, clear their energy and heal your connection to it- the same healing is offered up to all who after that ancestor in their lineage. Now we all have free will, so not everyone is going to accept this, but it is usually 70% or greater who do.

The first thing you will see when you start to work with your ancestors- is pretty big shifts in you. Oftentimes that one final belief that helps you heal is connected to an amazing virtue you inherited. That is why the World Relations class can be for some the most healing class I teach. Students who are drawn to this class have already cleared so much from themselves and are ready to really heal the lineage. I’ve heard it over and over again how the final key was in that class. 

This is not to say that one should only work with the ancestors, we still need to address what we went through and heal it. I have seen students try this in early classes where they skip over their own lives and only heal on ancestral level. It creates a lot of clearing, but doesn’t heal the biggest wounds. As with all things there needs to be a balance. 

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