Walking down this rocky road.. The week in Runes 7/30/17

Othlia, Perth reversed, Uruz

Oh, what a relief from last week! So you made it. Not it is time to walk away from the bullshit. There will be a need release a bit of grief, the beginning of the week will be about purging at the same time  you will be more open and everything will be a bit sensitive this week.  Monday may be a good day to watch a sad movie and curl up with some popcorn, defiantly not a good day to party.  Wednesday on will be a bit better for socializing.  Stay focused on the now. Keep checking in with how you feel now, and what the very next step is. There is a lot of energy swirling around this week as you are still rebuilding and the extra emotional bandwidth is going to take a bit of getting used to. Stay focused on the things that you rock out at – no need to challenge yourself at this point. It’s okay to go for the easy victories are you are just finding your footing and opening yourself up to some amazing surprises down the road.

Rune of the Day, May 13, Ah, changes are taking the pace I’m going through

Ansuz, Uruz, Isa

There is a lot of information floating around right now. Messages are coming from all directions and there are a lot of choices to be made. It would be prudent to take a day or two before starting anything new as the dust is still settling. Take your time absorbing the changes and new information before you act. It may be a bit challenging to stand still for a day, but you will feel better about your decisions if you wait until you have all the information and have had a chance to process it.

Rune of the day Nov 19, Counting your blessings

Uruz reversed

Right now you are not seeing the positive side of things. Yes, yesterday’s rune was rough on some but that doesn’t mean that it is time to stay stuck in the mud. There are thing to be grateful for, though you may have to start small to get the ball rolling. Is it sunny? Did anything make you laugh today? Who out there loves you? It is time to count your blessings and be grateful for the things you do have instead of worrying about the things you don’t have yet or will never have. Showing appreciation for what you have draws more of the same to you. Want more joy? Be thankful for the joy you have. It really does work. When I was waitressing and I some one left me a less than amazing tip I would jump up and down with excitement. It seems silly and the other girls never understood it, but after that the tips always got better.