Rune of the Day, Aug 20, Either way it’s okay you wake up with yourself

Ansuz, Mannaz, Uruz reversed

There is a message waiting for you you but it will be coming through a source you least expect. Pay attention to what others have to say to you and about you. There is some truth to the rumors and especially pay attention to what makes you annoyed. You can say “Oh, it is just their issue projecting on me”. But why does it annoy you if there isn’t a part of you that believes it? I am not saying that everything they say is true, just be open to hearing what they have to say and acknowledging that maybe there are things you still need to let go of. Now is not a time to show your strength and brush off negative comments. The message is one of unacknowledged guilt and playing innocent with yourself will only make it harder to move on. It is time to take stock of your vulnerabilities and be grateful for the things you have learned from them and stop beating yourself up for not always being perfect.

Rune of the Day- Uruz

Looks like it is time to grow again and realize that things that used to work have stopped, because they no longer serve your higher purpose. It is time to drop the old ways and if you have been recently dropped by someone or occurred a loss, it is all for the better. No really, it may not feel that great right now, but there is a better opportunity ahead. Also too, just be grateful that you have been given the strength to thrive as you walk through the chaos we call being human.