Rune of the Day, Dec 31, And I would walk 500 miles

Berkana reversed
When you hit a brick wall, it is time to retrace your steps. You could curse the wall all you want and blame the person that built it, and the person who told you to turn right instead of left, and your parents, and whoever else you can think of. But the reality is that your two feet took you there and now you have to stand and face this. So go back through your path and own every step and every decision that you made. Maybe you should not have listened to that person, or maybe you should have, either way, it is time to accept your choices as your own. Once you have accepted that the current situation is all of your own doing, you can move past it and know that you now have to power to not put yourself that situation again. But only if you own every step.

Rune of the Day, Dec 8, You might find, you get what you need

Are you doing what you love and do you love what you do? It is time to be honest about how you view your income and possessions. Do you only work to get more things? Are the things in your life ruling you? It is okay to want the nice house and fancy car, as long as they are not all that you live for. The attainment of such things should be a reward for following your heart and nourishing your soul, not the goal that consumes your every waking hour. The things we fill our homes with each contain their own energy, so are you surrounding yourself with things that bring a sense of joy, or that make you feel superior? Look you from the computer for a moment and scan your room. What things did you buy out of fear or envy? Do they really need to be there? Was the work you did to obtain the item worth the sacrifice? If not, it is time to re-evaluate what you do for money. Does your work fill you with joy? You may feel that there is no other work you could get, or that the money is too good to do anything else; if that is the case, it may just be time to be honest with yourself about why you do what you do.

Rune of the day Nov 28, The not so cowardly lion


You already have the courage you need to face the things in your life that are holding you back. It is time to do a little weeding; to pull out and trim back the emotions that no longer serve you and are hindering your growth. You will not be clearing away the brambles with little pruning shears, because this can be a fun exercise. Instead, take out the shiny long sword or jeweled dagger that your warrior self carries and swiftly and easily cut the tendrils wrapping around your ankles that try to slow you down. These tendrils are memories that keep popping up when you are thinking of something else. When this happens, and you say to yourself “why did that just pop into my head?” Take a moment to acknowledge that memory and say “Yes, I know you are here but you belong in the past. I don’t need you anymore, goodbye.” and watch that memory leave your space. Or if you prefer, watch it disappear in a puff of smoke, the color doesn’t matter as long as the visual brings a smile to you face and you know that you are moving on.

Rune of the day Nov 21, On the road again

Raido reversed
Feeling a bit stuck are we? No matter what you say it seems as though you cannot get your message across correctly. Is it the listener that is flawed? Or are your perceptions of the person making you deliver the message in a way that prevents them from hearing? Did you go back to the place of innocence that we talked about yesterday? Great! Now you just need to surrender yourself to that innocence and trust in yourself.
The killer thing about surrender is that you are no longer in control. It is a lovely thought to find your innocence and to be happy like a child, but to take the next step and surrender to it takes a leap of faith. Any time you choose to surrender to something no matter how amazing it is, you have to give up your fear of not being in control and that is terrifying for many.

Rune of the day Nov 19, Counting your blessings

Uruz reversed

Right now you are not seeing the positive side of things. Yes, yesterday’s rune was rough on some but that doesn’t mean that it is time to stay stuck in the mud. There are thing to be grateful for, though you may have to start small to get the ball rolling. Is it sunny? Did anything make you laugh today? Who out there loves you? It is time to count your blessings and be grateful for the things you do have instead of worrying about the things you don’t have yet or will never have. Showing appreciation for what you have draws more of the same to you. Want more joy? Be thankful for the joy you have. It really does work. When I was waitressing and I some one left me a less than amazing tip I would jump up and down with excitement. It seems silly and the other girls never understood it, but after that the tips always got better.