And I’s feelin’ near as faded as my jeans, Runes for Jan, 2019


Ehwaz, Sowelu, Ansuz reversed

Now that you have done your internal work, it is time to look up and reconcile the impact that you have had on those around you, both for good or ill. There is a reckoning happening, and it is best to dive in and see how deep it goes.

Resentments will come to a head this month. Things that were simply an annoyance will now become bigger until you break from those that are not longer serving you. It is time to bury the hatchet and get down to the core of your interpersonal choices and habits. You have a great opportunity to decide how you want to be in relation to others going forward. We have been told that we need others to complete us, instead of recognizing that we are all capable of being complete, that you already are whole and perfect. Also too, it is time to learn how to fight for yourself inside your relationships. Do you always decide in ways that make other’s happy to the detriment of your own happiness? Do you like who you are in relation to others? Most of all- do you forgive yourself as easily as you forgive others?

Emotions may be high this month so be judicious with your communications. It may not be best to reveal everything that you are feeling as some rather dark emotions will working their way out. Not everything you feel about someone needs to be stated to that person. One good way to rid yourself of these resentments is to write them all out in a letter and set it on fire. The same should be done with any guilt that you are still carrying. Letting go of  old guilt, especially if someone else keeps bringing it up, will be the best way to have a great start to the year.

It’s now or never, Runes for September

Eiwaz, Sowelu, Inguz

Well, best be ready to stop taking things personally. September is going to keep you triggered and on your toes. It’s going to feel like you are on the defensive and that everyone has a problem with the things you are doing. Just remember – they are probably just as triggered as you are, at least for now.

It’s going to be really hard to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes – the things that are going on in your head feel like they take up all of your bandwidth. So for those  of you who habitually put everyone else first this is going to be a bumpy ride. This month is about clearing out all of your shit, so you can help others.

It’s time to start something new. Doesn’t matter if you are gong to finish it, or if if takes twists and turn and never resembles what you first conceived – it’s the starting of new things and moving new energy in your life that matters now. So- head down, keep to yourself, and start creating.


Rune of the day Jan 9, 2015 ‘Cause every hand’s a winner And every hand’s a loser

Sowelu, Perth, Thurisa & Gebo

Give yourself a lot of space today. Most people’s energy will be rather pulled in as we each focus on our own wholeness. For some this will be a new and foreign feeling, but the universe is sending us each a little sample so you can know and grow it.
It can sometimes be easier to have compassion for others than for ourselves. So for today begin to explore what it feels like to have love and compassion for yourself. How much more energy will you have when you stop beating yourself up about not being perfect. When in fact you already are perfect, it is just very difficult for many of us to see it, and sometimes even more difficult to accept, but you can get here. It starts by taking a deep breath and allowing yourself to just be without judging or trying to improve anything.
Just remember that anyone new that you bring into your life today will be at comparable level of compassion and self-love as you.

Rune of the Day, Sept 2, Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea

Perth, Raido reversed, Sowelu

In this time of great personal growth, there are going to be disruptions to your relationships. Some people are not going to grow with you, and are not willing to accept the changes you are making. DO not judge them for not being on your path. Some people still have a ways to go before they are ready to wake up. When you encounter resistance from others, center yourself in your goals and your connection to the divine. Treat those who resent your growth with compassion. Be an example for them to follow and when they are ready, they may seek you out first to help then take their next step.

Rune of the Day, July 1, Y’all ready for this, sweetie?

Tiewaz, Sowelu, Berkana

Now that you have possibly been tightly wound by the past few days, you are ready for action. The things that you have been holding onto and were never quite ready to let go of will now be easy to shed. The paring down of the self will not happen without feeling like you are losing any part of you. It is time to bring in the new with a clear and focused plan. Your postponed projects are now ready to be taken up again, and the feeling of banging your head against a brick wall is about to dissipate.

Rune of the Day, March 11, My hands felt just like two balloons

Sowelu, Nauthiz, Perth reversed
The final phase of wholeness has just completed for many of us. You may have felt a slight shift over the weekend, far in the background. The key now is to accept and forgive the parts of you that you may feel ashamed of. You are whole and perfect even if you can’t see it right now, you will. Let this evolution happen organically and watch as old ways of being simply fall away. Things may feel as though they are going awry, but it is just a period of adjustment as you shift into the new you. They say the definition of insanity if doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, so you may feel as though you are a little insane, as the results of habitual actions are now going to start changing. This slight feeling of insanity is normal when going through a spiritual shift, so roll with the strange places that your thoughts and feelings go, don’t fight or question it, just be, things will mellow out soon.

Rune of the Day, March 9, I go walking in the middle of the night

Sowelu, Algiz reversed, Dagaz

It may feel right now as though you are under attack from invisible forces, but it is just one of the final phases of growing into you as a whole person. Emotions are going to fluctuate for a little while, do not fight the feelings that arise, simply acknowledge each one and give it space. Also, be aware of your diet at this time, with all the spiritual changes going on in the background, make sure that you are reinforcing them physically. It may be time to step away from things like alcohol, coffee, and sugar. If that is too big of a change, at least be conscious of your consumption and try to cut back. Major shifts are happening right now, they just need the space and support to happen. Don’t fight what you are feeling, though there is no need to act right away, just be.

Rune of the Day, Feb 25, I can fly higher than an eagle

Sowelu, Gebo, Hagaz
Who are you putting your trust in? It may be that you are leaning too much on the partners in your life, it is great to have a rock to lean on when things are rough, but are you leaning too much in the good times? Take a hard look at your closest relationships. It is time to reevaluate whether you are giving as much as you are asking for, especially, are you asking others to do your work for you. There is great comfort in close relationships, but they can also keep us too comfortable to grow, especially if those closest to you are afraid to tell you what they really think. I am not saying that you need to drop your friends, just spend some time being a bit more independent. Now would be a good time to shake things up, try out new ways of being. What you need now is a disruption of your life to shake you out of the habits and expectations that lead to repetition and keep you trapped in your comfort zone. So get out there and do something that terrifies you, it could be karaoke, or going to a movie by yourself, finally getting around to painting, or public speaking. Find something that you can do on your own, and it will show you have strong you are. Even if you don’t feel like you won, you will win new freedom in seeing yourself in a new light.

Rune of the Day, Feb 21, Hello darkness my old friend

Sowelu, Thurisa, Jera
The theme for this month appears to be wholeness, and it is a grand undertaking! It is easy to be overwhelmed when looking through the doorway to a new future. For many of us, standing still is the hardest thing we could possibly do. What kind of progress are you making when you stand still? Actually, a lot, because learning to be still and silent and listen and to simply be, is the biggest lesson we can learn. It takes a lot of patience, but becoming happy in stillness and not giving in to the pressure to constantly be doing something will bring you into your true self. Once you have learned how to be still, it will be time to step through that door into your new future.

Rune of the Day, Feb 12, You are the sunshine of my life

Sowelu, Perth reversed, Ehwaz reversed
In our continued quest for wholeness, sometimes the biggest struggle is expecting things to work like they did before. When I completed my Theta training, I found that the old shamanistic practices that I had been doing for years suddenly stopped working. I was actually bounced out of a journey to the underworld! Yes, it was a bit of shock, and I was sad to lose my spirit guide that had been my companion for over ten years, but the rewards of growing spiritually and the increase of abilities was well worth it. What practices are you holding onto that are no longer working? It may be time to move on and find a new way to connect with the universe. These blocks that you are experiencing are merely ways to redirect you to a new path that is more suitable for your growth. Do not struggle to make things work, right now look for the paths of least resistance, that is the direction you need to be following right now. Also too, as you look at the path you are on take time to step aside and enjoy the little things in life, the twittering of birds, the feel of the sun, or the sound of laughter; anything that brings you joy and helps you to be present in the now.