Rune of the Day, Dec 5, all in all you’re just another brick in the wall

Are you a little bit defensive about something today? Yes, there are times when averting can be a good thing, but putting up blocks does a huge disservice to all parties involved. The root of defensive behavior is really denial. It is easier to block out than to deal with the situation, but honestly the twinge of discomfort that comes with dealing with the situation is a lot less than the pain that comes from delaying and letting it grow into a much bigger problem. So figure out what it is that you are denying about yourself and you will be able to deal with the situation openly and it will go a lot smoother.

Rune of the day, Nov 30, Turn and face the strange

Thurisa reversed
Many things have been changing lately and now you can see the gateway ahead of you but you are not quite ready to walk through. Something is holding you back for your own good. You are blocking your inner wisdom and the buzzing in the back of your head is a bit distracting. Take a moment to double check your intentions. Are you perusing this path for your highest good or for the sake of your ego? Once you have made the distinction, you can move forward or turn away. The worst thing you can do right now is to leap ahead without being in touch with your motives as that will just create more obstacles for you to clear. You could still get where you want to be, but with unnecessary vexation. So, seriously take some time to figure out why you want to walk through that door.

Rune of the day for Sunday Oct 28

Ansuz reversed

What was it that you could have said? There are relationships that have suffered because you did not say the right thing at the right time and now the guilt is bearing down on you. Also consider that maybe it was best not to have been said. But if it still need to be voiced, there is still time. But first you must forgive yourself for letting the opportunity pass you by. If that person is no longer among the living, they will still get the message. If you are not longer speaking and they won’t return your calls, write it in a letter and set it on fire. Otherwise, it is time to pick up the phone and clear up the past.

Rune of the day for Saturday

Algiz reversed

One way to protect yourself is to build imaginary boundaries. Walls that keep the pain and joy of an intimate relationship for away. Yes, there are people in your life, but how often to they get to see the real you? It is time to redraw the boundaries around you to include those you care about. It may be something as easy as not wearing make up or high heels for a day. Or sharing something that you feel could open you up to criticism. It is time to be brave and know that you can do no wrong as long as you are being true to yourself.