Walking down this rocky road.. The week in Runes 7/30/17

Othlia, Perth reversed, Uruz

Oh, what a relief from last week! So you made it. Not it is time to walk away from the bullshit. There will be a need release a bit of grief, the beginning of the week will be about purging at the same time  you will be more open and everything will be a bit sensitive this week.  Monday may be a good day to watch a sad movie and curl up with some popcorn, defiantly not a good day to party.  Wednesday on will be a bit better for socializing.  Stay focused on the now. Keep checking in with how you feel now, and what the very next step is. There is a lot of energy swirling around this week as you are still rebuilding and the extra emotional bandwidth is going to take a bit of getting used to. Stay focused on the things that you rock out at – no need to challenge yourself at this point. It’s okay to go for the easy victories are you are just finding your footing and opening yourself up to some amazing surprises down the road.

Rune of the Day, March 11, My hands felt just like two balloons

Sowelu, Nauthiz, Perth reversed
The final phase of wholeness has just completed for many of us. You may have felt a slight shift over the weekend, far in the background. The key now is to accept and forgive the parts of you that you may feel ashamed of. You are whole and perfect even if you can’t see it right now, you will. Let this evolution happen organically and watch as old ways of being simply fall away. Things may feel as though they are going awry, but it is just a period of adjustment as you shift into the new you. They say the definition of insanity if doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, so you may feel as though you are a little insane, as the results of habitual actions are now going to start changing. This slight feeling of insanity is normal when going through a spiritual shift, so roll with the strange places that your thoughts and feelings go, don’t fight or question it, just be, things will mellow out soon.

Rune of the Day, Feb 12, You are the sunshine of my life

Sowelu, Perth reversed, Ehwaz reversed
In our continued quest for wholeness, sometimes the biggest struggle is expecting things to work like they did before. When I completed my Theta training, I found that the old shamanistic practices that I had been doing for years suddenly stopped working. I was actually bounced out of a journey to the underworld! Yes, it was a bit of shock, and I was sad to lose my spirit guide that had been my companion for over ten years, but the rewards of growing spiritually and the increase of abilities was well worth it. What practices are you holding onto that are no longer working? It may be time to move on and find a new way to connect with the universe. These blocks that you are experiencing are merely ways to redirect you to a new path that is more suitable for your growth. Do not struggle to make things work, right now look for the paths of least resistance, that is the direction you need to be following right now. Also too, as you look at the path you are on take time to step aside and enjoy the little things in life, the twittering of birds, the feel of the sun, or the sound of laughter; anything that brings you joy and helps you to be present in the now.