Walking down this rocky road.. The week in Runes 7/30/17

Othlia, Perth reversed, Uruz

Oh, what a relief from last week! So you made it. Not it is time to walk away from the bullshit. There will be a need release a bit of grief, the beginning of the week will be about purging at the same time  you will be more open and everything will be a bit sensitive this week.  Monday may be a good day to watch a sad movie and curl up with some popcorn, defiantly not a good day to party.  Wednesday on will be a bit better for socializing.  Stay focused on the now. Keep checking in with how you feel now, and what the very next step is. There is a lot of energy swirling around this week as you are still rebuilding and the extra emotional bandwidth is going to take a bit of getting used to. Stay focused on the things that you rock out at – no need to challenge yourself at this point. It’s okay to go for the easy victories are you are just finding your footing and opening yourself up to some amazing surprises down the road.

Rune of the Day, March 4, Everybody knows, a little place like Kokomo

Gebo, Othlia, Mannaz reversed
There are people in your life right now that are not helping you move forward. It may be someone you have known for years that only seems to want to complain, or a highly opinionated family member or coworker. It may be difficult to get the amount of distance that you need to see yourself clearly, but space is defiantly what is needed right now. How can you see yourself clearly when you are surrounded by other ideas of who you are? Sometimes it is good to see yourself as other do, but right now the most important vantage point is your own. It may be time to take a small vacation, to get away from others’ influences so you can focus only on yourself for a short time. Once you have cleared out your own space and are in tune with yourself, you can let other people back into your space without them weighing you down.