Rune of the Day, April 28, Gotta get right back to where you started from

Odin, Othila, Fehu reversed

The biggest thing to day is that you are not going to get the answer. It may drive you a bit buggy to have to wait to find out how things are going to turn out, and the nagging feeling of being powerless to make things happen will be especially annoying. Just save all the ideas and plans that are bouncing around in your head, the exercise of trying to work it out will come in handy soon. But now it not the time for action, or a new direction. It is better to retreat and separate yourself from material possession and material interest for a day. There are still big changes going on in the background that are still completing so you will just have to stay in the dark for a little longer

Rune of the Day, April 11, Heave ho! Splash plump!

Othila, Algiz reversed, Inguz

Today it is okay to be a little bit of a hermit. It may feel as though a lot of people are in your space and poking their nose into your business. Spend some time by yourself with the purpose of feeling what it is like to be the only person in your space. Turn off your phone and put on some of your favorite music. If there is an artistic hobby you enjoy, relax into it today. New ideas and new ways of thinking are flowing today, so get out a notebook and let yourself envision what kinds of things you could be doing with your life that you are not already doing. Ideas will come to you today, if you give yourself the space to be alone for a bit.

Rune of the Day, Jan 24, I’ve been living this lie for way too long

Othila reversed
Brutal honesty is the path to follow today. If you are not living true to yourself, through denial or a refusal to see yourself clearly; it will all come crashing down around you. Dig deep and find your truth and live it or your lies will hurt not only yourself but those around you that you care deeply for. Yes, there may be some grief and some other negative emotions that may result from being honest, but their impact if far lesser than the impact of false living. It is one thing to believe or feel a certain way, it is much worse to hide it and mislead your family and friends. Trust that they can deal with all that you are and all that you are becoming. They too have truths about themselves that they are shielding for fear of judgment from you. Also, in your place of truth, do not force events. Have faith in the universe that by living truly, things will happen naturally and in their proper time.

Rune of the Day, Dec 20, Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good

You have some awesome gifts coming your way. The catch is that you first have to make room for them. The memories of the events that shaped you and made you into the person you are now no longer serve you. It is time to say thanks for making me stronger, and let the grief go. By letting go of the grief you are not lessening the lessons you learned, rather you are honoring those lessons by learning to live with the benefits and not the pain. For some it can be hard because the pain you experienced in past is part of your self-identity. But every time you go back and identify with the event you give it more power over you. The longer you hold onto the past and try to squash it, the more likely a similar situation will occur. Stop feeding your past, and you can claim your future