2020 Overview

Teiwaz, Odin, Mannaz reversed

So much potential for amazing things this year!

The overall energy of the year is on of following your passion. The universe will flow with those who know what they want and are taking steps to get there. This is a time to be brave, to try new things and expand! What is it that you really want? What do you want your life to look like in the year ahead? What makes your heart sing? It is time to design your life. Remember, you are always manifesting on a subconscious level through your fears and your beliefs. Take charge of that be telling your subconscious what to focus on. And of course, clear those fears.

It will no longer be acceptable to hold on to your resentment, regrets, and rejections. This is the year of personal accountability. Your success is in your hands. Scary right? It can be. What does a life look like when you can no longer point to someone else and say that they held you back?  It is time to forgive and let go of those that you have kept in your life in order to keep your self small. Letting go of resentments can be tricky- our bodies get used to having them around and they serve a purpose. Every resentment has a payoff- it is there to teach you something, like how to have compassion, or keeps you safe, like from an abuse ex- you stay away from people like that and learn self love (just an example) They problem is, you tap into that resentment and use it for fuel when ever you tap into that virtue. So you love yourself more when you tap into that resentment.

So what do you do? First- learn how to separate the virtue from the resentment. Then, forgive. Really forgive the other person. When you clear away all the resentment and truly forgive someone they no longer have any power over you. They have to way to affect you on an emotional level. This can take some work, but living in the energy of true forgiveness frees you from having to avoid situations and frees the other person from the role they also play.

Be open to things not happening exactly as planned. Ask for what you want- but don’t limit yourself by trying to control how it happens. There are unknown factors at work right now ready to add a few bonuses to the plans you have made.  A lot of great opportunities will reveal themselves when the time is right.

So this upcoming year: Decide what you really want, live in energy of forgiveness and love, be open to magic.



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Rune of the Day, April 28, Gotta get right back to where you started from

Odin, Othila, Fehu reversed

The biggest thing to day is that you are not going to get the answer. It may drive you a bit buggy to have to wait to find out how things are going to turn out, and the nagging feeling of being powerless to make things happen will be especially annoying. Just save all the ideas and plans that are bouncing around in your head, the exercise of trying to work it out will come in handy soon. But now it not the time for action, or a new direction. It is better to retreat and separate yourself from material possession and material interest for a day. There are still big changes going on in the background that are still completing so you will just have to stay in the dark for a little longer

Rune of the Day, March 17, So long and thanks for all the fish

Odin, Fehu reversed, Ansuz
Don’t worry about your frustrations today. They are simply a part of a much larger magic working through you. You are being given the answers, even though they may not make sense right now, so stop asking and start receiving.

Rune of the Day, March 8, Bloom where you are planted

Dagaz, Ansuz, Odin
A major breakthrough is just a breath away. The difficulty will be in recognizing the subtle messages that are being sent, your gifts are on their way, but may come in unfamiliar ways. Remember that nightmares are just a way to process changes and let go of resistances in yourself, without having to manifest a physical scenario that would teach you the same lesson. Absolute trust in the universe is called for today. Be content with the answers and gifts you have been given and are about to receive without asking for more. There will be times to put in your requests, but today is not one of them.

Rune of the Day, Feb 13, There are Jews in the world, there are Buddhists

Solewu, Berkana, Odin
Wholeness, day two. Today take a look at how much compassion you have for other people. You get what you give. Making judgments about how people look, or speak, or act without first getting to know them keeps you from finding the help and compassion that will help you grow. Your next greatest teacher could be the one with the funny hair, or the strange accent. We are all being of light and greatness and capable of immense good, so give someone a chance today, someone that yesterday you would not consider speaking to. If you are walking in a big city it could be as small as taking some change with you for the homeless, or offering to buy them a sandwich. It could be asking a coworker that you usually ignore how their day is going. Small acts of compassion will lead to others having more compassion for you. The more good you put into the world the more you will get back, the struggle for some is not knowing in what form it will come. Be content in not knowing what will happen, and trust that it will be amazing.

Rune of the Day, Jan 29, Now I’ve got you in my sights

It is time to make peace with not knowing everything. There is information out there that you are not ready to hear and, yes, it has been driving you bonkers. But knowing everything won’t change the future. Be content with what you have and work within the information you have been given. The things that are being kept secret form you will be revealed when the time is right.

Rune of the Day Nov 27, I’ve got a secret, secret secret

Right now you will not be getting the answer to that one specific question. Right now the information is not yours to know. Some people really hate surprises, but Odin likes to keep things for when you are ready for them. We have all had things that we wished we didn’t know. If you knew that the relationship was going to end, would you have started it? What would you have missed in the process? It is time to have faith the end will take care of itself. You will get the nudges you need when you need them, but stop asking the same question over and over and start enjoying the journey.

Reading the chakras with runes

In addition to my runes and cards I am also a Theta energy healer and have a lot of fun with it. While I can look at a person’s chakras and gain a lot of information just through the color, intensity and clarity, I have found a way to gain a different insight. Most of my work involves removing trapped negative emotions from the chakras and they usually make themselves known pretty quickly when I am doing Theta. This is a fun way to combine the two modalities and help the person see what is going on inside. It also helps illuminate how one belief can cause a domino effect and can help negative beliefs reinforce each other. We don’t just believe something on one level, the belief gets passed around and altered and strengthened. Which is why it is important to find and clear out the negative beliefs, so you can stop making up stories about yourself and the world around you.
I drew two lines of runes from the top chakra down for this imaginary man, but will read them from the bottom up. The right hand column is the emotions and the left hand column is the topic it deals with. I could write an essay on each of the pairing but it will keep it very simplified. This is also a very generalized example. Here is the sample I drew:

So, this person is holding shame in the root chakra and it is related to how he sees himself as man. He does not feel that he is behaving in the way his definition of a man should. Is he using his strength to be a bully or to support people who are weaker? To help this person I would first release the shame, and then give him access to the definition true strength.
The second chakra shows to me that he does not believe that god loves him. Ouch! This can be a biggie and takes belief work in theta to clear up. But finding a belief like this also helps clear up many of the other beliefs that stem from it.
Not surprisingly the third charka is showing that his faith has recently been shaken by a seemingly random event. It is trying to reinforce the belief of the charka below by saying “Yes, you did say that I am not loved and this proved it!”
Not to despair, the heart chakra is pretty solid in the wisdom that can be gained when joy is lost.
The throat chakra, though, seems to think that its prayers are not being answered. Again, reinforcing the second chakra’s belief.
And then we get to the third eye which is saying that he has waited and waited and waited and has not seen the signal. His patience is running thin and no wonder when he is in a crisis of faith.
The crown chakra shows us that he has denied all progress with his connection to the divine. Though there has been progress, the signal has been sent and the prayers will be answered and there is a reason for the randomness in his life. It all comes back to the belief that he is not worthy of God’s love because he is not “man” enough.
So from the first two we find the root of it all, but it is important to look at all of them because when you are conscious of your issues and where they stem from the healing has a greater impact. I could just deal with the issues of masculinity and stop there. But knowing how it impacted his faith in god and tracing the effects it had helps him let go of all of it. Once the issues are clear, then we can begin the belief work in Theta.

Rune of the day, Nov 16: Oh how I love surprises!

Odin, Unknowable

Right now you are empty. Not in the sad lonely way, more like you are watching the train depart with all of your unnecessary baggage on it. The moon is just visible through the clouds and the steam of the engine as you tilt up the collar of your coat and turn your back on the way things used to be. This emptiness is an unburdening and holds the potential of everything and anything. Yes, you could choose to put things back the way they were, or you can take this chance at a do-over and make your dreams come true. The choice is yours.

Rune of the Day of Tuesday

A special treat! They wanted me to a 3 rune spread.

Nauthiz, Sowelu, Odin

It is time to recognize that the setback and constraints and troubles in your life are your best teachers. It can be tough to hold back and work on yourself instead of going out there and ‘doing something’. The biggest challenge right now is to sit back and take care of yourself, to withdraw a bit. Most importantly, take a hard look at decisions that you have made that caused the situations that you rail against. Everything that you have, you brought into being, the good and the bad. 

Now is the time to look directly into your fears and to become comfortable with not knowing the future. Giving up control to the divine is an intense but rewarding experience.