Rune of the Day, Sept 2, Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea

Perth, Raido reversed, Sowelu

In this time of great personal growth, there are going to be disruptions to your relationships. Some people are not going to grow with you, and are not willing to accept the changes you are making. DO not judge them for not being on your path. Some people still have a ways to go before they are ready to wake up. When you encounter resistance from others, center yourself in your goals and your connection to the divine. Treat those who resent your growth with compassion. Be an example for them to follow and when they are ready, they may seek you out first to help then take their next step.

Couples’ Energetic Reboot and Singles Clearing. Are you ready for the Valentines’ Day deluge?

Valentine’s Day is coming we are about to be inundated with advertisements and reminders that we should all be happy and in love and on and on. The expectations can be a bit much if your relationship is not as lovely as you would like it to be or if you are single and distressed about the importance being placed on being with someone. There is an opportunity to do energy work on either situation. For couples, I offer and energetic reboot. For singles a clearing away of the past to keep it there and a resetting of belief structures to lead you to where you would like to be relationship wise.
The crux of this work is with energy cords. They connect us to everyone that we love, hate, or have any kind of relationship with. There are 3 main types of cords: chakra cords, memory cords, and “vampire cords”. I have simplified the drawings a bit. The chakra cords connect one on one with the other person when the relationship is healthy. When they are in balance the cords themselves are about as think as your wrists and they glow in the color of the chakras they are connecting. It would look like this:

What a relationship looks like when it is healthy.
What a relationship looks like when it is healthy.

Sometimes, the cords get connected all wrong like an old telephone system. In this example of one couple, all but two are connected correctly. The first person’s throat communicates with the second’s spleen and the second’s brow goes to the first person’s throat. So the lines of communication are a little mixed up. They have a fairly solid relationship but there are flare ups around assuming that the other person already knows what two is thinking and the first person responds in the context of the current project or with touch. The other thing to look at here is how think are the cords and do they glow evenly?

Example of chakra cords connected wonkily
Example of chakra cords connected wonkily

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs and sometimes you get bagged down with all of the history. You can look at someone every day and not see that they have changed in some way because you see the way they were yesterday or a few weeks ago, unless you are really paying attention. This is just your brain filling in the information for you like viewing a web page offline. The information keeps going back and forth though the memory cords. Releasing them does not wipe away the memories, it just puts them in the past so that you can live in the present. It can look a little confusing in the drawing, and it is. The memory cords are very thin, averaging the thickness of a pencil but they can be much smaller. The color varies and they can originate in any and every part of the body, as memories are stored everywhere. They carry small amounts of energy back and forth to the past always connecting you. Feeding these cords tricks your energy into thinking that you want to have more of what you are remembering, so if you spend a lot of time remembering the bad things that happened and what kind of partner you do not want to have because so and so was so awful and this is why; you will pull those memories into you future and make them your goal.

memory cords

Vampire cords, though that is just what I call them, are big hoary and moldy overgrown cords that draw energy from one person to another. They usually are attached to the person being drained in the back and into a chakra of the person pulling the energy. These happen when arguments are left open and people refuse to forgive each other. That grudge that you are holding against say, your dad, for when you were a kid, keeps cords like this active and let another person drain your energy.

These are not good for anyone involved.
These are not good for anyone involved.

On a side note, some people like to collect extra chakras. The most common is the multiple heart chakra which happens you someone takes responsibility for another person’s happiness. It comes from a good place but does not belong and it will wear down a person eventually. It also is a way to keep you anchored in the past if you still carry an extra chakra for someone you no longer speak to.

Multiple heart chakras

So, if you combine all the things mentioned above, many couples actually look like this:

Luckily I see this in 3D and it is all color coded so it is not quite as confusing as it seems.
Luckily I see this in 3D and it is all color coded so it is not quite as confusing as it seems.

To reboot, first I remove any vampire cords. Then release the memory cords and extra heart chakras from the people in both partners’ pasts. Then the memory cords between the couple are released. Last, I very gently disconnect the chakra cords and hold each person in their own space just for a moment and then allow the cords to reconnect correctly. This basically clears away all the clutter in the back of your head and you can see and communicate with your partner like when you first met them. For most people this helps reinvigorate the relationship. It has helped many couples come back from years of fighting to help the find a way to live in joy. There is always the chance, that when you see someone clearly again for the first time that you see that you have outgrown each other. Either way, it opens the channels of communication so you can move forward. This can be done remotely with permissions to enter your space, best done in person with both people together and then one at a time, so we can clear up the past for each and couples’ energy.

Two distinct beings

So after all that is done you will look like this: Healthy

Not to worry singles, there is a method for you too. It is best done in person or over the phone. I clear away all of the vampire and memory cords and also look at who they are attached to and what those people represent. Then we move onto belief work and look for statements like “I don’t deserve love, the right person does not exist, I am unworthy of love, I will never find someone who truly understands me”. Or other belief that you hold relating to relationships. This work is a bit more intense and deals a lot with letting go of the past to keep it out of your future, and can be very liberating. There is also usually homework involved. This does not mean that you will find the right person the next day necessarily, simply open your energy to help guide the right person to you. If you are putting out into the universe that you will never find someone then you won’t.

Rune of the Day, Jan 21, Do you want to know a secret, do you promise not to tell?

Someone is about to whisper in your ear. There are big secrets out there just for you and with the groundwork you have been doing these last couple of months they are about to be revealed. These secrets all revolve around love. Love is everywhere and bountiful. But we have misconceptions about how it is supposed to be expressed and received and what it really means. Love is not a bargaining tool or a reward. It is freely given as a gift with no expectations. It is everywhere and all you have to do is tap into it and you will soon begin to learn its secret ways.

Rune of the Day, Dec 8, You might find, you get what you need

Are you doing what you love and do you love what you do? It is time to be honest about how you view your income and possessions. Do you only work to get more things? Are the things in your life ruling you? It is okay to want the nice house and fancy car, as long as they are not all that you live for. The attainment of such things should be a reward for following your heart and nourishing your soul, not the goal that consumes your every waking hour. The things we fill our homes with each contain their own energy, so are you surrounding yourself with things that bring a sense of joy, or that make you feel superior? Look you from the computer for a moment and scan your room. What things did you buy out of fear or envy? Do they really need to be there? Was the work you did to obtain the item worth the sacrifice? If not, it is time to re-evaluate what you do for money. Does your work fill you with joy? You may feel that there is no other work you could get, or that the money is too good to do anything else; if that is the case, it may just be time to be honest with yourself about why you do what you do.

Rune of the day for Friday

Or “All you need is love”

You can see all the possibilities in front of you but something is stopping you from taking the first step to your new project. It is that pesky parasite Fear. The more you feed him the more friends he calls over. And, no, this one isn’t solved but setting things on fire. Fear only dislikes on thing and that is love. Imagine the thing that you are afraid of, see and feel your fear. Now imagine the same thing but surrounded with love and joy. See yourelf taking that first step surrounded by things you love and soon you will be taking that step in reality.