My newest teacher called me out of the blue

I should be used to amazing things happening to me, but the last few days have left me in awe of my own power to manifest. I recently moved to a new city and then lost my job and have been feeling a little lost at times. The loss of the job is actually the perfect thing for me as I am now focused only on my art work and doing energy work full time. 

Two days ago I got a phone call from a man with questions about a performance space that I used to volunteer at in San Diego. I helped him the best I could, not being active with the group anymore, and we started talking about other things. First off, he turned me onto an event in my new neighborhood that I am very much looking forward to going to. Then we set up a time for me to get a reading from him. And it was the most intense reading that another person has ever done for me. We covered everything that I need to work on right now. And all because my number is still on a website for a place I no longer work.