Rune of the day, Jan 25, Fire on the mountain, run boys, run

Today is a day of contemplation, not action. Thurisa gives you the boost you need to wait a few moments longer. Set aside time to look at your life and the decisions you are about to make, and the impacts that they will have. Then trace back the events that lead you to where you are now. Own every step of your journey. Before you can move forward you must go back and release the past. The more you plan around the fear of the past repeating itself the more you insert your past into your future. Take a breath and let it all go, the victories and the failures. Once free of the past you can see your new path unfolding, it may be very similar to the one you envisioned before, but it will defiantly be much smoother without the past slowing you down.

Rune of the Day, Jan 3, Come sail away

Now that the old has been cleared away, it is time to start a new journey. Before we begin there is a small checklist to work through. Has all of the past been cleared away? The best place to start is in your home, or the garage if you have one. Find the boxes that have not been opened in a long time. The time is right to clear away the things that no longer hold any meaning. Once your space is clear, the next step is to check your relationships. Are there people in your life who only seek drama? I am not saying you should cut them out of your life completely, just focus more of your time with the people who after you leave them, you feel energized. The last step before beginning your new way of being is to make sure that you are being honest in all of your communications. Many things good and bad can happen on any journey, and if you need help it is much easier to ask for it from people who have been sharing your experiences from the get go. Las year was all about clearing the past and letting go, this new year is about moving forward.