I can see for miles and miles.. Runes of the Month for March

Runes of the Month for March 2018

Dagaz, Ansuz, Burkana

Well! The good news is that February is coming to an end and we can all relax. It has been a bumpy ride and now that we are raw and open and have a much clearer grasp of personal inventory, it is time to rebuild.

The tone for the month is transformation, so get ready to do a lot of work! If you are unwilling to change this month could be a bit rough as change is the most important aspect of the next few weeks and why we spent the last few finding out all the things that weren’t working. So time to start new projects, revamp the ones that didn’t take off, make new friends. It’s time to expand and grow.

With all this radical growth and unpredictable energy it may be hard at times to really focus in on what’s being said around you- so make time every day to relax and meditate, cultivate your active listening skills, because there may be things you are overlooking in your excitement. Also too, ay attention to any lingering feelings of remorse or regret that come up this month- it’s time to let it go, otherwise these feelings could cause unnecessary complications.

This is a great time to pick up a new skill, especially one that makes you nervous. The energy for new growth will abound and it will be easier to keep the knowledge in and apply it quickly. So find a passion and dig in.

Rune of the Day, March 6

Mannaz reversed, Hagalz, Berkana
How honest are you being about yourself? Are hiding your best attributes from others? We all want to shade our perceived flaws but in doing so we also hide away the good parts of ourselves. Today is a good day to live inside your structures, just for a while, to find your boundaries and yourself. Once you know what cards you are showing and which ones you could be willing to show, then it will be time to take action. This growth works best when done in an orderly fashion, a major disruption or too much change can easily send one back into a cave. Take small steps and keep moving forward, feel the universe and others open up to you a little at a time as you reveal all that is amazing and scary and not so pleasant about yourself. You are already whole and perfect; the things about others that you judge harshly are reflections of what you don’t love about yourself. So the thoughts and feelings that you are ashamed of and fear being judged for exist in others, if you let them see all of you, they can help you grow and heal.

On a personal note, a bit about how last year changed me

Has everyone recovered from New Years’ Eve? Now that the crazy holiday season and the end of the Mayan calendar shift have passed, we are at a place of now what? Now we start on a new journey. 2012 was all about letting go. Letting go of jobs, relationships, old ways of thinking, bad memories, etc. I let go of the theatre company I started in my backyard, the job I had for over six years, and my home. Starting over in a new city and a growing group of new friends I am learning to be okay with non-activity, silence, and empty space. My life before Oakland was always busy; it took a full year to slow down enough to get to a space where I could write again. Until the start of 2012 I had full time job and a theatre company that took up every second of my free time. I even dreamed about the shows we did. It was wonderfully creative and rewarding but it kept me from attaining the goals I had set for myself when I moved to San Diego, to be a full time energy healer. Add painting and volunteer work on top of that and I had no room left in my schedule to really to the work necessary for my spiritual development.
So after the valentines’ day show I stopped doing anything except board meetings. I built a meditation room in my house, the garage got cleaned up and I almost started painting again. I also sold my car, a great relief because I was always on call to fix lights and things down at the church, as a volunteer. It felt weird at first but it was a very growing experience to step away and let people handle their own problems, or walk them through it on the phone instead of rushing over to push the button or flip a switch. Little by little I worked on clearing away everything that did not belong and though long and hard about my next move, I knew that I had learned everything that I had come to San Diego to learn.
I knew from the moment I first saw the city from BART that the Bay Area is where my next stage of development would happen. And a lot has happened so far. The move cost me a job that I loved but that took all my energy. It was not the greatest in the world and honestly I was using it as a crutch to not try on build my energy healing practice. It was easy to not work to find new clients because I was making good money and living comfortably. So now, I have a quite warehouse with lots of room to paint and create, no more rushing around, and the ability to create a new future. The practice is growing slowly, on new client at a time, but the more I learn to share myself, the faster it will grow. So there will be more posts about my journey, my dreams and the things I have seen. Cheers.

Rune of the day for Monday


It is the start of a new week and the start of a new way of seeing the events around you and how you react. Like the death card, I am always a bit excited when I see this rune come up in a reading. It portends changes, specifically an elemental disruption. There is great potential for growth when you give in the the seeming chaos that swirls around you. Look at the things in your life that you react to with more anger than is really needed, these are the things you do not love about yourself.

Rune of the Day- Uruz

Looks like it is time to grow again and realize that things that used to work have stopped, because they no longer serve your higher purpose. It is time to drop the old ways and if you have been recently dropped by someone or occurred a loss, it is all for the better. No really, it may not feel that great right now, but there is a better opportunity ahead. Also too, just be grateful that you have been given the strength to thrive as you walk through the chaos we call being human.