Rune of the Day, Jan 6, But you find sometimes, you get what you need

Laguz reversed
It is time to stop trying to move things that are not ready to move. All this striving is taking up your energy and it is time to sit down, relax and wait for the proper time. Don’t fool yourself that you are really loosening the lid to the pickle jar for someone else to open, it will open when you are truly ready to eat the pickles. So for now, wander off and finish another project, work on the things that are coming easily to you. As long as you keep moving, there is no need to worry about the first project that was giving you so much grief.

Rune of the day Nov 21, On the road again

Raido reversed
Feeling a bit stuck are we? No matter what you say it seems as though you cannot get your message across correctly. Is it the listener that is flawed? Or are your perceptions of the person making you deliver the message in a way that prevents them from hearing? Did you go back to the place of innocence that we talked about yesterday? Great! Now you just need to surrender yourself to that innocence and trust in yourself.
The killer thing about surrender is that you are no longer in control. It is a lovely thought to find your innocence and to be happy like a child, but to take the next step and surrender to it takes a leap of faith. Any time you choose to surrender to something no matter how amazing it is, you have to give up your fear of not being in control and that is terrifying for many.