I got life cousin, Runes for June

Rune for June 2018, Ehwas, Wunjo, Mannaz

Things are going to be moving quickly this month and to compound matters we all may get a bit wiggly. If your are starting the month strong, full of ideas, and ready to run, then its going to be a lot of fun. There is work to be done, but it can happen. For you the biggest challenge may be in slowing down and actually enjoying the happy chaos and taking the time to check in with others.

For those no in alignment with the chaotic happiness of this month , it could feel like you are being run over and that your feelings aren’t important. It’s going to seem to  that everyone else has their heads in the clouds and you may feel excluded. Keep heart, they will come to their senses.

For everyone- stay in touch with how you really feel, not how you are supposed to, or what you think people expect from you. Whether in the happy chaos or watching it from a safe distance the answer to having a great June is to be honest with yourself about who you are being and what you really want right now.









Rune of the Day, Aug 19, I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name

Kano, Wunjo, Ehwaz

The clouds seem to have parted and you are left with a new clarity. It is the beginning of a new phase in your life that leaves you feeling rather vulnerable and possibly also a little lost. The things that used to distract you no longer work and you are being forced to look at what parts of you are really important. It is time to start moving again. For a little while, serenity may be a bit elusive as sitting still is not as comfortable as it used to be. There is a need to move and you must follow that urge. Time to get out of town for the day and shift your energy through movement. Even going to the gym will help or taking a walk around the block. The movement will help unblock the last little bits of forgiveness that you need to address. It is time to forgive and move on, and moving your body out of its current local with make things a lot easier.

Rune of the day, Feb 1, Fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering

It takes a lot of courage to truly want to be whole. This is also a journey of compassion for yourself and those around you. First you must examine and know yourself, find and acknowledge your flaws and also your strengths. You must be open to not knowing everything before you can learn the secrets of the universe. You must learn to trust others and to trust your own intuition. Lastly, you must forgive, and forgive and forgive. All of the grudges and distrust and denial that you carry with you chip away at you and spread your energy too thin. There is also the need to be moving forward, not rushing but constantly growing. We are built to evolve, there are times for stillness, but they are only brief pauses while the work you are doing takes effect. If you are feeling that something is lacking, go back through the works of Ehwaz, Gebo, Perth, and Mannaz, they hold the key to wholeness. Striving to be whole can be frightening if you are only focused on giving up your very comforting crutches. But the rewards are much greater than the comforts of not evolving.

Rune of the Day, Dec 28, Beacuse of the wonderful things he does

It is time to start moving again! You are ready to move forward and leave behind and adapt the things that have not been working for you. Because of the work you have been doing, this will be a natural progression. If there are any blockages, look at what grudges you are still holding on to. Forgiveness is the key to moving forward. The anger and resentment from the things you begrudge wrap themselves around your feet and keep you rooted in one spot. Clear them away by forgiving first yourself and then the offender and you will soon be free.