Rune of the Day, Dec 30, slow down you move to fast

Tiewaz reversed,
Slow down and take a moment to look at your motives today. Are the actions you are about to take motivated by fear or love? If you are working with your highest self the actions are naturally born of love and there is serenity to your thoughts around the action. If you are trying to dominate another, there is a panic and unnecessary urgency to your actions. If you feel the urgency in a non-urgent matter, stop and reflect before you go any further. If you act out of fear, you are giving more power to your fear. It may not seem like there are other options right now, but there are, it is just hard to see them when your brain is going around in circles. If you are like me, the best thing to do in that state is to write down everything that is going wrong until your head is clear again, and then brainstorm on how else you could tackle this challenge. You have the ability to find the actions that keep you serene and move you forward and are born of love.

Rune of the Day, Dec 7, You ask me why, I’m just a hairy guy..

Boundaries can be a great thing when they are set properly. They give you freedom with the knowledge that you are also protected. Children love to test boundaries as they grow. Every see a young kid do something that they know they are not supposed to do and then look up to see what happens? They are simply finding the boundaries, testing the waters to see if that line still holds today the way it did yesterday. Then when you say “no, you know you aren’t supposed to do that”, they go back to playing happier than before because all is right with the world. Do you know where your boundaries are? Once you find them you too can play with abandon. Knowing your own also helps you respect other peoples’ boundaries and they can play freely as well.