Either way, it’s okay… runes for the week of Aug 13, ’17

Mannaz, Gebo, Inguz

This is definitely going to be a week a deep introspection for nearly all. The focus of our energy is going to be turned inward, to look back at the paths we have chosen and really see how and when we chose each turn that led us here. This can be a brutal revelation for some, with guilt and anger at some of the choices made. Guilt at realizing how we may have hurt others and the things we did to block ourselves will become abundantly clear the next few days.

Once the full weight of how it all really went down hits, take a deep breath and let it go. It was all part of the process of getting you here. There are some hard and uncomfortable lessons that we need to teach ourselves and some of us are a bit more stubborn than others and need things to be a bit more intense in order to learn. So find what it is you learned, thank yourself for the lesson, and forgive yourself for the extra BS you used to get you here. And then say to yourself “I know how to learn my lessons without causing extra pain and drama”

There will also be a huge desire to get away from others a bit this week, especially with all the old resentments coming up all over the place. Your unwillingness to work things out with others could lead to more hurt feelings, so fight your need to hide yourself away and spend time talking things out with your bestie.

Now that you can see the path behind you clearly- it is time to choose where you will go next. All of the choices ahead of you are yours to make. It can feel a bit scary for some to realize that this life is one we chose and that we get to choose how the rest of the story goes. Now it the best time to change your direction and put yourself on a path more in line with what you really want. Or just to make a few simple adjustments to refine your path. It is with a full understanding of your past that you can remake your future.

Rune of the day for Monday


It is the start of a new week and the start of a new way of seeing the events around you and how you react. Like the death card, I am always a bit excited when I see this rune come up in a reading. It portends changes, specifically an elemental disruption. There is great potential for growth when you give in the the seeming chaos that swirls around you. Look at the things in your life that you react to with more anger than is really needed, these are the things you do not love about yourself.

My newest teacher called me out of the blue

I should be used to amazing things happening to me, but the last few days have left me in awe of my own power to manifest. I recently moved to a new city and then lost my job and have been feeling a little lost at times. The loss of the job is actually the perfect thing for me as I am now focused only on my art work and doing energy work full time. 

Two days ago I got a phone call from a man with questions about a performance space that I used to volunteer at in San Diego. I helped him the best I could, not being active with the group anymore, and we started talking about other things. First off, he turned me onto an event in my new neighborhood that I am very much looking forward to going to. Then we set up a time for me to get a reading from him. And it was the most intense reading that another person has ever done for me. We covered everything that I need to work on right now. And all because my number is still on a website for a place I no longer work.