Rune of the Day, June 14, Can you see the real me?

Kano reversed, Nauthiz, Thurisa reversed

Before you can move forward it is time to accept your true self.The constraints and problems that you are running into lately are because of inauthentic living. If you are feeling a bit claustrophobic it is because your real purpose is trying desperately to get through to you. The things that are no longer working for you are breaking down completely and unless you stop fighting and accept your true path, you will continue to struggle. If you are on your path, things are a bit lighter but there is still a lot of clearing away to be done. You may have to let go of “how” you will get there and focus on the journey alone. There are old relationships that are not working, mostly because everyone is going through this right now, so consider the other person’s struggle with authenticity is raging as well. It is a time to let people do their own thing while you go and do yours. Don’t feel as though they are ignoring you, it is really about them completing their own struggle. Now more than ever:
“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be. – Unknown

Rune of the Day, Feb 4, I’ve got my arms, my hands, my fingers

Nauthiz reversed
It is time to let go. Yes, there are times to hold back and control yourself but maybe you have been holding yourself on too tight of a leash. What good is your restrain doing you when you see the opportunities pass you by because you are stopping yourself from reaching out and taking them? Start you cleansing small, like by cleaning up one area of the house. Once you can let go of one thing, find another that no longer serves you and keep going until you feel your space open up and become lighter. Look to your emotional house too. Are there grudges that you are still holding? Are you still upset with someone for something that happened a long time ago? Let it all go and live in the now. The less of your past that you carry with you the clearer the future becomes. How can you reach for your dream when you are clinging to your fear of repeating past hurts with both hands?