Rune of the Day, Sept 2, Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea

Perth, Raido reversed, Sowelu

In this time of great personal growth, there are going to be disruptions to your relationships. Some people are not going to grow with you, and are not willing to accept the changes you are making. DO not judge them for not being on your path. Some people still have a ways to go before they are ready to wake up. When you encounter resistance from others, center yourself in your goals and your connection to the divine. Treat those who resent your growth with compassion. Be an example for them to follow and when they are ready, they may seek you out first to help then take their next step.

Rune of the day, Nov 12: Happy happy joy joy


We must be very very quiet, as if hunting bunny rabbits. By standing still for a moment, feeling the sun’s energy, and listening to the wind you will find the wholeness that you are seeking is already right there inside you, just waiting for you to notice it. It may be a little shy, but can claimed by being very serene. Choose compassion today, for yourself and for those you meet.