Rune of the Day, March 6

Mannaz reversed, Hagalz, Berkana
How honest are you being about yourself? Are hiding your best attributes from others? We all want to shade our perceived flaws but in doing so we also hide away the good parts of ourselves. Today is a good day to live inside your structures, just for a while, to find your boundaries and yourself. Once you know what cards you are showing and which ones you could be willing to show, then it will be time to take action. This growth works best when done in an orderly fashion, a major disruption or too much change can easily send one back into a cave. Take small steps and keep moving forward, feel the universe and others open up to you a little at a time as you reveal all that is amazing and scary and not so pleasant about yourself. You are already whole and perfect; the things about others that you judge harshly are reflections of what you don’t love about yourself. So the thoughts and feelings that you are ashamed of and fear being judged for exist in others, if you let them see all of you, they can help you grow and heal.

Rune of the day Nov 3

Berkana reversed

It may feel like things are at a stanstill, especially after a chaotic week. You may even feel that you have bungled things up and no one is listening. Take heart, it is simply a time to slow down and reflect for a bit. Go back through the recent events and look at your role in them and your reactions. Yeah, it could have gone better, but it can also illuminate the attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back. So, breathe deep and know that things are still moving forward and you are still changing and growing even though it feels as though you are stuck. A growth spurt will happen as soon as you accept yourself and all your perceived imperfections.

Rune of the day for Monday


It is the start of a new week and the start of a new way of seeing the events around you and how you react. Like the death card, I am always a bit excited when I see this rune come up in a reading. It portends changes, specifically an elemental disruption. There is great potential for growth when you give in the the seeming chaos that swirls around you. Look at the things in your life that you react to with more anger than is really needed, these are the things you do not love about yourself.