I can see for miles and miles.. Runes of the Month for March

Runes of the Month for March 2018

Dagaz, Ansuz, Burkana

Well! The good news is that February is coming to an end and we can all relax. It has been a bumpy ride and now that we are raw and open and have a much clearer grasp of personal inventory, it is time to rebuild.

The tone for the month is transformation, so get ready to do a lot of work! If you are unwilling to change this month could be a bit rough as change is the most important aspect of the next few weeks and why we spent the last few finding out all the things that weren’t working. So time to start new projects, revamp the ones that didn’t take off, make new friends. It’s time to expand and grow.

With all this radical growth and unpredictable energy it may be hard at times to really focus in on what’s being said around you- so make time every day to relax and meditate, cultivate your active listening skills, because there may be things you are overlooking in your excitement. Also too, ay attention to any lingering feelings of remorse or regret that come up this month- it’s time to let it go, otherwise these feelings could cause unnecessary complications.

This is a great time to pick up a new skill, especially one that makes you nervous. The energy for new growth will abound and it will be easier to keep the knowledge in and apply it quickly. So find a passion and dig in.

Rune of the Day, Sept 18, Things are different today I hear ev’ry mother say

Nauthiz reversed, Isa, Berkana

You are not being as honest with yourself as you could be. There is a disconnection brought on by the fear of dispelling your role in creating your current situation. it is time to stop beating yourself up for making decisions that your felt were correct at the time. You now know differently and will not make that exact same mistake again. Take the time to acknowledge how far you have come. give thanks for the growth you have achieved in the last year and remain open to exponential growth to come.

Rune of the Day, July 1, Y’all ready for this, sweetie?

Tiewaz, Sowelu, Berkana

Now that you have possibly been tightly wound by the past few days, you are ready for action. The things that you have been holding onto and were never quite ready to let go of will now be easy to shed. The paring down of the self will not happen without feeling like you are losing any part of you. It is time to bring in the new with a clear and focused plan. Your postponed projects are now ready to be taken up again, and the feeling of banging your head against a brick wall is about to dissipate.

Rune of the Day, April 4, Mirror image, reflections of me

Berkana, Algiz reversed, Hagalz

There is a lot of growth to be found in looking at what annoys you the most in other people. For most of us, the traits of others that bug us the most are just reflections of our own weaknesses and perceived flaws. Listen well to what you say about others, we often project our own baggage on other people. Also too, let your friends call you out on this, and if they are ready to hear it, call them out on their projections. It can be a nasty wake up call, but right now an emotional shakedown is necessary to get a clear picture of what is really going on. Once you come to terms with what is really making you angry, you can learn to let the real issues heal and soon you will find that less things get your goat.

Rune of the Day, March 6

Mannaz reversed, Hagalz, Berkana
How honest are you being about yourself? Are hiding your best attributes from others? We all want to shade our perceived flaws but in doing so we also hide away the good parts of ourselves. Today is a good day to live inside your structures, just for a while, to find your boundaries and yourself. Once you know what cards you are showing and which ones you could be willing to show, then it will be time to take action. This growth works best when done in an orderly fashion, a major disruption or too much change can easily send one back into a cave. Take small steps and keep moving forward, feel the universe and others open up to you a little at a time as you reveal all that is amazing and scary and not so pleasant about yourself. You are already whole and perfect; the things about others that you judge harshly are reflections of what you don’t love about yourself. So the thoughts and feelings that you are ashamed of and fear being judged for exist in others, if you let them see all of you, they can help you grow and heal.

Rune of the Day, Feb 13, There are Jews in the world, there are Buddhists

Solewu, Berkana, Odin
Wholeness, day two. Today take a look at how much compassion you have for other people. You get what you give. Making judgments about how people look, or speak, or act without first getting to know them keeps you from finding the help and compassion that will help you grow. Your next greatest teacher could be the one with the funny hair, or the strange accent. We are all being of light and greatness and capable of immense good, so give someone a chance today, someone that yesterday you would not consider speaking to. If you are walking in a big city it could be as small as taking some change with you for the homeless, or offering to buy them a sandwich. It could be asking a coworker that you usually ignore how their day is going. Small acts of compassion will lead to others having more compassion for you. The more good you put into the world the more you will get back, the struggle for some is not knowing in what form it will come. Be content in not knowing what will happen, and trust that it will be amazing.

Rune of the Day, Dec 31, And I would walk 500 miles

Berkana reversed
When you hit a brick wall, it is time to retrace your steps. You could curse the wall all you want and blame the person that built it, and the person who told you to turn right instead of left, and your parents, and whoever else you can think of. But the reality is that your two feet took you there and now you have to stand and face this. So go back through your path and own every step and every decision that you made. Maybe you should not have listened to that person, or maybe you should have, either way, it is time to accept your choices as your own. Once you have accepted that the current situation is all of your own doing, you can move past it and know that you now have to power to not put yourself that situation again. But only if you own every step.