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Once again we will sour San Diego county for local talent! Readers, speakers, and creators of magical items will all be gathered together for one day. Free entry to event and workshops. Discounted 20 minute readings available all day long. Plus this time there will be a paid afterparty with some deep healing opportunities. More info as the event unfolds at

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After the fair ends, grab some dinner and then rejoin us as we reopen for this Special event! We are bringing you 4 powerhouse healers for one event. First – a receive some yummy ThetaHealing downloads from Marie Miller, who with musical support from Kerem Brulee will lead you on a guided mediation so you can meet and talk to your patron deity! Then Minh Claire is going to take you to the next level with her Kundalini Activation Process. We will round out the evening with an amazing moving meditation called Journey dance.

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Intuitive Anatomy April 20-May 8th Beverly Hills, CA


Online Rune Apprenticeship- Feb 9th – May 3rd

This 12 unit class will take you through all the steps needed to make your own set of runes that are tied to your energy and how to read them with certainty. We will also cover history, mythology, and different way to read the runes. Each class will be recorded so if you miss one you can get caught up.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a class in your area- I will be in Oceanside in May & June , Beverly Hills in April/May, Solana Beach & San Diego in July.  The rest of the time I am in central OHIO. 🙂

Intuitive tarot for people who don’t want to memorize a bunch of stuff

Next on TBD

Long title, fun class. This is a hands on workshop for people who are new to tarot or just a little stuck, or who want to take it to the next level. It will be turned into a book by the same name of the course of this year as I class, to get in touch with your natural abilities while understanding how to better use your tools.

If you haven’t found your perfect deck yet, there will be extras for use or purchase at the event. If you trust me and give me advanced notice, I can bring a deck extra special just for you! (using my special gift of buying way too many decks and finding who they really belong to.

Intro to ThetaHealing & Manifestating Party

Oceanside CA- Mid March

Come find out what all the fuss is about!

We will talk about the basics of what ThetaHealing is and what it can do. Then we will spend some time talking about how to manifest and some of the roadblocks to creating the life we want.


ThetaHealing practice sessions

Oceanside CA, Mid March

If you have taken at least two classes and want to come meet other ThetaHealers, come join us!

We will go in depth into a different topic each month, answer general questions, and then set you loose to work on each other.

suggested donation varies by location

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Past classes- if you interested in creating one of theses in your area let me know!

Ancestral Healing: Witchcraft and Heresy

This is to clear any ideological persecution from the ancestors. Whether is was thinking that the earth was round, or trying to heal people, many people have been put down and punished for their beliefs. This is designed to free your mind so you can think without judging your own thoughts.

Basic Rune Magic

This class will focus on the runes as an alphabet, so passing secret notes is encouraged! Once we have sent a few notes around, we will explore beginning sigil magic.

Everyone will make some personalized charms to take home with them!
This will be held at a private home, so the exact address to an email about the day before to everyone who’s registered.

Runic Divination

We will cover the origin and meaning of each of the 25 runes in depth, how to make them, a little bit about their origin, and then how to use them to answer different types of questions.

You will learn at least one spread. Everyone will get a chance to ask the runes for guidance, and help someone else find an answer.

Tarot as a Tool to Dive Deeper. Jan 27th 4-6pm

Hubud, 88X Jalan Monkey Forest, Bali 80571

Open to all skill levels! I’ll be sharing my Intuitive method of using tarot cards to open up a discussion of your deepest fears and beliefs and show how it can me blended into other healing modalities.

Bring a deck if you have one. There will be a few extras available if your perfect deck hasn’t found you yet.

Ancestral Healing: War Trauma

This is a small group event where we release the various trauma caused by being in or near a war, or any armed conflict. Each participant gets an Individual session to clear their ancestors’ trauma. There is a group healing at the end where we send love and healing to those being affected by current wars.

Year’s End Renewal Ceremony, Las Vegas, NV Dec 31st 1pm

Join us for a mixture of sound therapy, meditation, and ThetaHealing ® to end the year with clear energy so you can start the new year off right.

Events being developed:

Ancestral Healing: Heartbreak

Who do you love? This is to release lost love and love that never happened because it was forbidden or looked down upon. An individual session will be included to also release any past relationship cords for all participants.

Ancestral Healing: Family Ties

We all have enough to deal with with what goes on with our currently family. This is to help settle feuds and upset between family members that have passed on. When I got my uncle and grandfather to stop fighting, I finally realized how I was going to use my skills as a medium.

-Any of the events can also be done in a private setting. Not everybody likes doing the group thing.

-If you want to do any of these classes or events in your area, contact me and we’ll see what we can do! I do love to travel.