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Upcoming classes

ThetaHealing Basic DNA class.

This is the first class to set you on a wonderful path of learning. Over three days you will learn how to achieve and work in a Theta state and how to run a ThetaHealing session with your clients. Upon completion you will be a Certified Theta Healer and can be listed on the official website. For more info:

Snacks, lunch on the last two days, and all course material provided.

Treasure Island, San Francisco Dec 18-20

Class cost $425, deposit $200

To register for a class – email me at

Past events:

Ancestral Healing: War Trauma

This is a small group event where we release the various trauma caused by being in or near a war, or any armed conflict. Each participant gets an Individual session to clear their ancestors’ trauma. There is a group healing at the end where we send love and healing to those being affected by current wars.

Events being developed:

Ancestral Healing: Witchcraft and Heresy

This is too clear any ideological persecution from the ancestors. Wether is was thinking that the earth was round, or trying to heal people, many people have been put down and punished for their beliefs. This is designed to free your mind so you can think without judging your own thoughts.

Ancestral Healing: Heartbreak

Who do you love? This is to release lost love and love that never happened because it was forbidden or looked down upon. An individual session will be included to also release any past relationship cords for all participants.

Ancestral Healing: Family Ties

We all have enough to deal with with what goes on with our currently family. This is to help settle feuds and upset between family members that have passed on. When I got my uncle and grandfather to stop fighting, I finally realized how I was going to use my skills as a medium.

-Any of the events can also be done in a private setting. Not everybody likes doing the group thing.

-If you want to do any of these classes or events in your area, contact me and we’ll see what we can do! I do love to travel.