Energetic Dialysis

This ceremony was developed over the last few years as a way to access the magic of all seven planes of existence at the same time.

We start with a nice cup of tea and a conversation about what you need from the session. The petrified wood, crystals, and rune will be placed in accordance to what will best help you heal. We will then sit with the layout and meditate as the energy moves. I make adjustments to the layout as things shift and move.

The layout pulls negative emotions and energy from your body to make room for positive energy to flow back in.

This is a powerful and highly personalized experience.

It can be done with a partner, family member, or BFF as a way to improve your combined energy. Or in small groups up to five.

Pricing starts at $150 for an individual ceremony, with an additional $75 for each person added in. Each set can have up to three layouts. Or it can be included in any ThetaHealing session or reading.