Relationship Coaching

Studies have shown over and over that the better your sex life, the better you income- especially for us entrepreneurs where we are always in the energy of creation.

Are you looking to get closer to your partner?

Or just to go even deeper into your own pleasure?

As healers we all deserve to have a rocking sex life.

Being fully you in the bedroom unlock the ability to be fully you in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to be fully unapologetically yourself?

I can help with steps in the process for love- from navigating breakups, to calling in your soulmate, to learning how to fall deeper in love.

My coaching packages include:

  • Any trauma release needed
  • Clean up of any past relationships
  • Expressions of yes and no — really knowing your our mind and your body
  • Calling in a soulmate (if that is what you want)
  • How to talk to your partner (we can also do work together with the partner)
  • Ongoing support with all the emotions that come up for you as you grow

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