Intuitive Anatomy Retreat

The Intuitive Anatomy retreat is the most transformative experience you can have in a ThetaHealing practitioner class.

For 15 days we will discuss and clear the beliefs in all the major systems of the body. You do not need to be an expert in the body to take this class, as you will be learning as we discuss and then meet each system intuitively.  Each student will be giving and receiving at least one session each day along with lots of practice doing intuitive readings on volunteers arranged by the instructor. 

Each day you will also receive a gluten- free, soy free, vegan lunch prepared just for us and aligned to support each day’s topic. Chef Hollie makes vegan work for people who are not used to vegan food! It’s super yummy and filling. 

Students have left feeling refreshed, transformated, and confident  in their ability to dig and help others. 

Dates: Jan 10-28, Mon – Fri, 9am -5pm. Temecula, CA


The Space

We are returning to the Temecula Retreat House, 10 minutes away from historic Old Town Temecula, CA. The house is located on a private ranch with citrus trees and old oaks. Yes, we are allowed to eat all the fruit when it is in season! There are plenty of spaces nearby for you to stay. Message me if you are interested in getting a group rate nearby.

Our Personal Chef

Chef Hollie of Jane Joseph Wellness is passionate about helping people heal their bodies with reiki-infused, organic, sustainable, seasonal foods as well as caring for the environment and all the animals that call planet earth home.

Chef Hollie has over 18 years of experience in the professional restaurant world as well as 3 years owning her own business, Jane Joseph Wellness.



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