Retreat- Costa Rica

Who is ready for a second honeymoon?

Are you madly in love but kids, jobs, and life leave you feeling like it takes a lot to make time to get frisky.

Come rejuvenate and add even more adventure to your relationship.

Join me and some amazing sexperts and doms as we explore more ways to get kinky including daily lessons on kinky technique.

Have fun refreshing your soul in excursions into the amazing wilderness of Costa Rica as we play in waterfalls.

Arrive back home feeling so much closer to your partner or your entire polycule.

For 6 days/ 5 nights we are going to explore how being authentically yourself in the bedroom can spill out into other areas of life. This will be a holistic and complete look at healing starting with the area many people struggle with- being completely heard & getting what you really want when it comes to sex. We are using kink as the access point as it demands that you are in a place of self knowledge and self honesty to have an amazing scene.

This is an all inclusive event! Once our hosts pick you up form the airport everything is taken care of for you. You will be staying in beautiful homes, feed yummy gluten free, soy free food made by our private chef, relaxing with meditations and kundalini activations, & course all the kink education and play time!

Join us September 21-26 for a unique experience in a beautiful location.

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