ThetaHealing Packages

In order to make big changes in our lives- we need to make big commitments to our selves. These are a few options for you to transform through a steady schedule of ThetaHealing session, mixed with coaching as needed,  and homework to help you integrate your lessons into your daily life.

There are two types of packages: static and ongoing.

Static packages come in 5, 7, or 11 sessions and can be used at your discretion. Ongoing packages are for those who want to commit to weekly sessions.

Let’s Turn this Boat Around

Looking to have a major shift but want time to adjust between sessions? This is a 6 month program – once a week. You will have time to process between sessions, feel the ebb and flow of the energy as you see the changes we have made affect your life from week to week.

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The Butterfly
A year long journey where each quarter we focus on a different aspect of you life- based on what you need the most work on. Topics from session to session can vary as all the parts of our lives are intertwined with each other. Areas include: relationship with family, finding your soul mate, really loving and succeeding in your work, getting in touch with your gifts, or letting go of your past. The themes can be decided in the first session.

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