Network of Awesome!

There are just some of the amazing people who has taken classes from me for ThetaHealing or who are just super awesome healers I have encountered at events around the country


Oak Christopher-  astrologer at Oak Astrology. He is the first person to ever explain why I always dated men who don’t believe in psychics, so now I choose better. 🙂 Sometimes just knowing what challenges are in your chart can help you turn things in a better direction. I also like to check with him before planning my year out, as us Virgos just need to know.  Find him at


Suzanne Astar holds space for people to find themselves in the most beautiful way. She is  an amazing listener, deeply intuitive, and incredibly compassionate. It is always a pleasure to be in the same room with her! To find out more and to book a session go to her website:


Sarah Petta- She does amazing nutrition coaching and has been a Vegan for years, so she can help you make the transition if you choose.  She is a fantastic Doula and midwife in the Austin, TX area. Click here for her Facebook page:  helpmeoutdoula


KaliHolistic Healing- Based inn Columbus Ohio- Healer, yoni steams, tarot reader, and Certified ThetaHealer- check her out here: