My History

The first extraordinary thing that started to occur in my life was the ability to see ghosts when I was just a wee lass. My mother is also a natural psychic as were my grandmother and great grandmother. I was lucky enough to have a Mom who nurtured my gifts even though she was not at the time in tune with her own. In college I apprenticed a shaman in the Nordic tradition and learned the basics of how to feel and work with energy, this was also when I first fell in love with runes. Then life happened and I lived all over the US and Australia, but based out of Ohio, having adventures and learning a little bit here and there.

In 2007 I knew I needed a huge change and moved to San Diego. There I found the teachers that really accelerated my spiritual growth. I began actually working with the ghosts that chose to come to me to resolve their issues and help them along, though it was an interesting process! As soon as I started to work with them they started appearing more often! Then I learned about and started working with energy cords to help clear up past relationships. The biggest leap forward was when I went through Theta Healing training. There I learned how to do remote energy healing effectively, something I had been attempting on my own, but with previously marginal success. It also taught me better methods of ghost clearing, including how to deal with a large group of them at one time, like you find in places of business. My day job at the time was constantly attracting spirits so I was able to get a lot of practice in! One side effect of learning Theta was that my old shamanic practices no longer worked, while I was a little saddened at first, especially at loosing one of my guides, but I am much more effective now. The one thing I did retain, was my love for runes. The set that I use for my reading in this blog I made by hand from oak and they really resonate well. (not to worry! I regained all that was lost, it was just an energetic reset as I released some old oaths and vows) 

I have now learned all I can from San Diego and in October of 2012, I made the move up to Oakland. Still learning more each day. Since moving up north, my biggest evolution has been with channeling loved ones. They have started to come forward more often in readings.

Latest update: as of Nov 2015 I am now a certified ThetaHealer® . I went down to San Diego again to do the training and it was an amazing experience. I also no longer have to day job so my entire income is now derived from my gifts. It can be a bit daunting at times but is mostly a grand adventure.

In the summer of 2017 is was certified as a ThetaHealing Instructor for the Basic DNA course. I have now taught the class over 5 times to some wonderfully gifted students. 

My goal in ThetaHealing is to achieve the Certificate of Science over the course of the next two years.

2019 Updates!

Been living in San Diego, happily started the San Diego psychic fair and have been having a lot of fun planning it. The fairs have really given local readers a chance to meet each other and has been bringing new people into this world of magic. Many of the people who sit in front of me at these events have never had a reading before.

Just received my Master’s in ThetaHealing. I absolutely love going up to Montana to do the trainings! It was such a magical adventure being able to work with fellow ThetaHealers from around the world. It was intense at times because in order to fit in all the classes I needed I was taking night classes on top of studying with Vianna every day. But it was worth it! Four solid weeks of digging into myself and my ancestors and changing so many blocking beliefs in myself! I learned quite a few new ways to help my clients. If you are ready to experience the upgraded me schedule a ThetaHealing phone session here.

I will be teaching about 4 more classes in San Diego before moving to Ohio to be with my soulmate. I will still fly out to California on a regular basis to teach and run the San Diego Psychic Fair.

Corona Update

Wow. It has been a year!

When trying to plan out the year, I kept looking at different classes in the Spring, but the Creator whispered that it wasn’t more ThetaHealing that I needed to learn. And goodness have I learned a lot this year.

First 4 months of the lockdown were spent doing online events, mediations, moving the psychic fair to zoom, and teaching ThetaHealing online.

Now in fall, I’ve just finished up four more certifications and it look like I’ll keep teaching online for a long time! It’s way more fun that I had anticipated! Oh, and like in Ohio is grand. It has been great being able to tap into the Earth as the seasons change.

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  1. I’m interested in learning more about theta and energy healing. I also am a natural healer and believe it’s been passed down from my grandmother. Do you recommend a certain certificate. where did you get yours? thank you for your time!

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