Love Camp

4 week online program

Are you ready to deepen and renew an existing relationship? Are you ready to find the one?

Join me for this group healing experience

Each Monday we will meet through zoom to set up the energy for the week! You will earn new perspectives, receive lots of downloads, experience and energy clearing, and we will go over the homework. Yes- you will have to do work on your own time too in order to get the most out of this program!
Then you will get a one on one ThetaHealing session with me to work though the issues that come up in our Monday meet up.

Each week you will be assigned a partner to work through your homework with.

We will meet again on Friday to share our discoveries from the week, do some more meditations and energy clearings.

The weekends are yours to relax.

General Overview

WEEK 1: Clearing Away All the Exes’ Energy!
WEEK 2: Religion and Social Expectations
WEEK 3: Self Love and Acceptance
WEEK 4: Calling in Your Love

Because of the 1 on 1 attention, space in this program is limited to 12 beautiful souls.

Soul Mates

4 Week Online Program

Are you ready to finally break all your dating patterns and call in your true love?

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