Rune of the Day, Nov 7

Teiwaz reversed

You may know what it is you what but right now it is time to examine why. Are you in it for your own good or are you trying to one up someone else? If you are coming from a place of fear that you are not good enough, or smart enough or whatever enough and comparing yourself to another, you may not hit your goal. Look into yourself for the answer, it is there. If you accept yourself, you will find the courage to move forward without stepping on everyone’s toes.

Rune of the day Nov 3

Berkana reversed

It may feel like things are at a stanstill, especially after a chaotic week. You may even feel that you have bungled things up and no one is listening. Take heart, it is simply a time to slow down and reflect for a bit. Go back through the recent events and look at your role in them and your reactions. Yeah, it could have gone better, but it can also illuminate the attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back. So, breathe deep and know that things are still moving forward and you are still changing and growing even though it feels as though you are stuck. A growth spurt will happen as soon as you accept yourself and all your perceived imperfections.

Rune of the Day, Nov 1


I heaved a sign of relief when this rune came out of the bag. I know many of you have had a few rough days this week. This rune brings major shifts and many us of need to do a 180 right now. The good news is that all the emotional crud we have been going through lately is clearing up and making way to lay new foundations. Now that Pandora’s box is open, we have access to hope. Good things are coming.

Rune of the day, Monday Oct 29


It is time to trust. This can be a hard thing for some, as fear of not receiving your due immediately chases away your trust in the situation. Put aside the fear and know that the situation will turn out in your favor as long as you hold on to trust in the divine. If you are unable to trust, take a deep look at what caused you to lose your faith. It can be restored or created from scratch if need be. It is a double edged sword because trusting means letting go of control, and that can cause a new crop of fear to appear. It can be built slowly, start with trusting one person or thing, and the next one will come easier.

Rune of the day for Sunday Oct 28

Ansuz reversed

What was it that you could have said? There are relationships that have suffered because you did not say the right thing at the right time and now the guilt is bearing down on you. Also consider that maybe it was best not to have been said. But if it still need to be voiced, there is still time. But first you must forgive yourself for letting the opportunity pass you by. If that person is no longer among the living, they will still get the message. If you are not longer speaking and they won’t return your calls, write it in a letter and set it on fire. Otherwise, it is time to pick up the phone and clear up the past.

Rune of the day for Saturday

Algiz reversed

One way to protect yourself is to build imaginary boundaries. Walls that keep the pain and joy of an intimate relationship for away. Yes, there are people in your life, but how often to they get to see the real you? It is time to redraw the boundaries around you to include those you care about. It may be something as easy as not wearing make up or high heels for a day. Or sharing something that you feel could open you up to criticism. It is time to be brave and know that you can do no wrong as long as you are being true to yourself.

Rune of the day for Friday

Or “All you need is love”

You can see all the possibilities in front of you but something is stopping you from taking the first step to your new project. It is that pesky parasite Fear. The more you feed him the more friends he calls over. And, no, this one isn’t solved but setting things on fire. Fear only dislikes on thing and that is love. Imagine the thing that you are afraid of, see and feel your fear. Now imagine the same thing but surrounded with love and joy. See yourelf taking that first step surrounded by things you love and soon you will be taking that step in reality.

Card of the day for Tuesday

The Empty Space,  Secrets of the Necronomicon

This is for those of you who are going through a crisis of personal identity. It is time to burn up and get rid of all the things in the past that ‘made you who you are today’. Both the good and the bad. Let go of the past victories, while you can be proud of your accomplishments, there will be more. The big nasty thing that you survived, let that go! Yes, it made you stronger, but that is no reason to let it stay in your space. 

The best way to test a past event is to tell someone about it, or just recount it to yourself, and see what emotions you feel. It has been freed from your space if you can recount a traumatic event without feeling the fear, anger, or sadness welling up in you. So, if you do feel those emotions welling up, write out everything you feel. Take your time and write down how you feel about everyone and everything involved. Then comes my favorite part: set it on fire. Don’t forget to forgive yourself. 


Rune of the Day of Tuesday

A special treat! They wanted me to a 3 rune spread.

Nauthiz, Sowelu, Odin

It is time to recognize that the setback and constraints and troubles in your life are your best teachers. It can be tough to hold back and work on yourself instead of going out there and ‘doing something’. The biggest challenge right now is to sit back and take care of yourself, to withdraw a bit. Most importantly, take a hard look at decisions that you have made that caused the situations that you rail against. Everything that you have, you brought into being, the good and the bad. 

Now is the time to look directly into your fears and to become comfortable with not knowing the future. Giving up control to the divine is an intense but rewarding experience.