Services Offered

ThetaHealing ® Individual Sessions

Every session is different and I use my intuition to guide me to the correct tool to be used for each individual.

A typical session starts with a look at the color and health of the chakras. From there we will look at the emotions trapped inside them and the beliefs that caused the entrapment. I also look for things like multiple chakras, soul fragments, unwanted entities and energies, and negative energy cords. If there is a specific relationship in your life you want to look at, I can see how your energy is connected and work with you on what to do with it. $120 USD an hour. Same rate applies if you just want an in depth tarot or rune reading with no energy work. The initial session sometimes goes up to 2 hours.

Packages available: 5, 7, or 11 session packages. 5 for $500 (usually $600), 7 for $700 (usually $840) or 11 for $1100 (usually 1320) all in USD.

ThetaHealing ® practitioner classes

If you are interested in helping other free themselves- this modality works with in all faiths and enhances your natural psychic abilities. It also helps you develop new and abilities with practice. It is a great way to enhance your current healing pratice and can be learned by anyone.

This is also a powerful class for developing your ability to heal yourself. Many people take this class to learn the techniques to work on themselves or family members.

$475- $550 USD (price varies depending on venue) for the three day class.

Classes currently Available : Basic DNA

Coming in April : Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper

By end of year: Intuitive Anatomy

Tarot or Rune Readings

You can just pick one or get guidance from both, best to start with the cards if you chose both as the runes tend to dig a bit deeper. Half hour minimum, take as much time as you need. Special rate apply for parties and events. $60 for a half hour, $25 each additional 15 minutes.