Services Offered

ThetaHealing ® Individual Sessions

Every session is different and I use my intuition to guide me to the correct tool to be used for each individual. Make sure that you are somewhere you can relax if we are doing a phone session. We will be working together to find the deepest subconscious beliefs that are affecting you now and release them. This is a powerful modality that will help you make big shifts in your life. More info

$175 USD an hour. Book a session now

90 minutes $250 USD

Packages available: 5, 7, or 11 session packages. 5 for $727 (usually $875), 7 for $991 (save $234) or 11 for $1553 (save $372) all in USD.

ThetaHealing ® practitioner classes

If you are interested in helping other free themselves- this modality works with in all faiths and enhances your natural psychic abilities. It also helps you develop new and abilities with practice. It is a great way to enhance your current healing practice and can be learned by anyone.

This is also a powerful class for developing your ability to heal yourself. Many people take this class to learn the techniques to work on themselves or family members.

$550- $2200 USD (price varies depending on venue and class length) for the three day class.

Classes currently Available : Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Rainbow Children, Intuitive Anatomy

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Individual Psychic Mentorship – or Psychic Life Coaching

Always wanted to unlock your gifts or just feeling a bit blocked? Let’s put together a program to help you develop! It is a combination of ThetaHealing to let go of ancestral beliefs that you don’t anymore, personalized homework assignments, tarot or runic training, and whatever else you need to learn.

Includes 1 ThetaHealing session & 3 Hrs of one on one mentor ship each month.

Or  one ThetaHealing sessions & One lesson each month

More info

Tarot or Rune Readings

You can just pick one or get guidance from both, best to start with the cards if you chose both as the runes tend to dig a bit deeper. Half hour minimum, take as much time as you need. Contact me for prices for parties and events. $80 for a half hour or $150 for an hour.

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Akashic Record Readings

Want to help make sense of how you got here and what is coming up for you? Let’s take a look at past lives, and what you may not have fully understood about this life! We can also look at what will happen if you choose path A versus path B. Each reading also  includes the opportunity to let go of trauma and do any belief work that is warranted based on what the guides show me.

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Energetic Dialysis

Over the course of the session, we will have tea. As you chat about what is going on the crystals are laid out in a pattern unique to your situation. I then let the energy flow through the crystals and work their magic on you. More info

This is only available in person. Also available for small groups or couples.

$175 for the first person, $75 for each friend added

Other things that can be added to any session:

Ghost clearing

Pet communication & healing

Life coaching to help support healing

Past life regression

DNA upgrades

If you are still unsure, you can schedule a discovery call here.

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